Welcome to Earningonlineforfree.com ,  a webpage dedicated to internet marketers looking for earn money online for free without any investment.

In this age of technology driven market, where internet connectivity is almost universal in most parts of the world, a new kind of online opportunity has opened. The world of internet business and online transactions. This has given way to many opportunities to earn online for free.

That does not mean you don`t work. There is nothing as free money without work or investment. This means more opportunities to work. Hence more opportunities to earn . You either invest a huge amount of cash to earn revenues or you work to earn a second line income i.e earn online from internet  from the comfort of your home or in your free time.

Hence most of these free to register and free to work function as a good supplement to your primary job. That`s a fact. But off course , no doubt someone like Neil Patel is making millions of dollars monthly purely from his blog, but then he is one in a million .

There are numerous ways to earn online, but at present, this website is totally dedicated to PTC websites. However, as I become proficient with the other methods I will include them. At the moment I am proficient only at working in PTC websites and I want to write on what I know very well.



Paid to click (PTC) websites

The primary reason why I chose PTC websites is that these are

  • Free to register,
  • Free to work.
  • Investment is optional at these websites.
  • Very user friendly . I realized I don`t need any computer related knowledge to work .All I need is a zeal to work and a smart strategy .

Hence PTC websites are ideal for  newbies to internet marketing and  looking to earn online. They make excellent launching sites for your internet marketing journey.

So what are PTC websites ?


Paid To Click (PTC ) websites are Advertisement websites that pay users for clicking on ads placed on their webpage by advertisers promoting their products. 

On PTC websites you are Paid to click on ads; hence the name PTC.


     Click here for further details about PTC websites.





I am currently working on a number of PTC websites.These include :

  • Neobux
  • Clixsense
  • Myfreeshares
  • ScarletClicks

These are multi-million dollar company each  boasting of more than 6 -10 million memberships. The Alexa rank of Clixsense and Neobux are 574 and 533 (any rank below 1000 indicates a website is extremely popular) , showing how popular these two websites are.

I joined Clixsense in December 2014 and Neobux in March 2015 and Myfreeshares,com in 2016 and ScarletClicks in July 2017.

So how much have I earned so far from PTC websites !!

The following stats shows my account pages in the various PTC websites.


Clixsense: I have so far earned 470.5$ of which I have cashed out 315$ so far.

In another website –Myfreeshares.com I currently have 102$ in my account.I have also earned 3800 shares.


How much can you earn from PTC websites?

The top earners from Neobux earn about 2500$ monthly in pure profit. In Clixsense, there are members having 50,000 direct referrals . One can roughly estimate such members earning nearly 3000$ monthly .But PTC sites are not rags to riches , get rich overnight schemes.Many users get frustrated after working for few weeks.


The secret to success is patience and a smart strategy. Like any Affiliate marketing industry, you need to have lots of  referrals to having a good income. That needs time and a smart advertising strategy.

For more details on how these PTC websites work , click on the banner/image below.






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So at present I am currently working on 4 PTC websites. From experience it is wiser to work in 3-4 PTC websites at once. This is because each PTC websites is unique and offers different type of earning opportunities to earn online.

In general I would say do not invest in any PTC websites but join a website and learn how to earn from it for about a month and then decide on whether to invest or work elsewhere.

For more tips on How to work on PTC websites click the link below :

   Read More : Tips  for new users of PTC websites.



Let me give a brief details about each of the PTC websites am currently working on :

  1. Neobux 

    Neobux is perhaps the No.1 PTC website at the moment. Neobux has enormous earning potential -one of internet`s best opportunity to earn  online provided one has the strategy and patience to work on  any PTC websites.

Positive features about Neobux :

  •      Enormous and unlimited potential to earn money online – some users are earning nearly 2000-2500$ monthly
  •      Rented referrals- unlimited if you are upgraded to ultimate membership.
  •      Trusted and paying since 2008.

To learn more about Neobux  click the link below

Read More               : Neobux the King of PTC .

                                         Neobux guide.


Clixsense has undergone a lot of change recently. It has stopped showing PTC paid ads since July 2017. But it still has a lot to offer.

It is perhaps the internet`s best survey offer website and also gives you the opportunity to earn from micro tasking via crowdflower tasks.

Positive features of Clixsense:

  • The best survey offers
  • High referral income
  • Unlimited Direct referrals
  • Income from Micro tasks.
Read more about clixsense :    Clixsense the best survey offers.


This is a unique PTC in which one can invest in shares which then automatically convert to cash daily. A bit similar to Paidverts.com but here the conversion from Shares to cash/$ is automatic whereas in Paidverts you have to click hundreds of ads to convert your BAP points to cash.

Positive features of Myfreeshares:

  • -Passive income
  • -Trusted and Paying website.
  • -High earning potential.
                Read more :   Myfreeshares review


This is a website I joined recently. But I am so impressed with this website because of its active Rented Referrals.

In my personal opinion, ScarletClicks has the best Rented Referrals of any PTC website today.

This is a PTC website that is very simple.

Positive features;

  • Best Rented referrals
  • Trusted PTC paying since 2009.
    Read More : ScarletClicks the PTC website with the Best Rented Referrals.


In conclusion  PTC websites are a very good industry to start your  internet market journey to earn online. Here investment is totally optional. But one needs to have lots of patience and some smart marketing strategy.

I hope you will be inspired to join anyone and see if this works for you.






For any details or doubts you are to mail me here



yours sincerely

John Kiks

(Sulanthung Kikon).





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