A detailed review of Optimalbux

Optimalbux -The Best Rev.Share PTC ever : A detailed review


Optimalbux is the latest PTC website to hit the PTC industry.Lets do a review  of this new and exciting PTC  advertising and revenue sharing website from the owners of Scarletclicks and GPTplanet.

Hello everyone, i am John Kiks, an internet marketer from India. I have been working in the Internet for the past 3 years with special interest on the PTC industry  and blogging.

Today I am going to do a detailed review of the latest PTC advertising and  revenue share website – the Optimalbux.

Who are the owners of OPtimalbux ?

Optimalbux was launched by  Dimitrios Kornelatos of Greece,  the owner of Scarletclicks and GPT planet.


The picture above shows the announcement of the launch of OPtimalbux by the owners , on the Scarletclicks website.

Hence we know that the owner of Optimalbux is reliable and trustworthy. Dimitrios has proven his honesty and trustworthiness by paying his clients on both Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

The other thing I like about Dimitrios and the co-owners of Scarletclicks /GPT Planet is that they allow you to express your frustration and anger in their forums. This is so refreshingly different from some of the owners of well known PTC website like Neobux and Clixsense. In fact Neobux banned from for 3 month from their forum page for expressing my opinion that my rented referral clicks has decreased after paypal has stopped interacting with neobux!!!! I find that so gross.But a visit to Scarletclicks forum page you will see that the owners don`t mind allowing people to express their  personal opinions even if they are not positive about them.

That`s something I really appreciate about Dimitrios and his colleagues.

Hence knowing the admin of Optimalbux being a reliable person I am sure , this is not going to scam.


                                                                 Click here to visit Optimalbux.com


What is Optimalbux about?

Optimalbux is a PTC advertising cum Revenue sharing website. Hence it is not just a PTC website.The Revenue sharing model allows you to invest money and quickly grow your business.

The previously popular website that took the advertising industry by storm, the TrafficMonsoon was also a Revenue Sharing model. I am sure Optimalbux is going to be a big hit in the next year or so !! The big difference between Optimalbux and TrafficMonsoon is off course the admin.Charles Scoville the owner of TrafficMonsoon was already a serial scammer, cheating and looting his clients even before launching TrafficMonsoon. Therefore it was no surprise, his latest project ended as a scam. On the other hand  Dimitrios and his colleagues  have already established themselves as a trusted owner over the past 10 years.

Optimalbux was launched in January 2018. It has already seen lots of new members joining because of the trustworthiness of its admin.





What are the various way to earn on Optimalbux?


Optimalbux offers you a number of ways to earn money. These include;

i)View advertisements

ii)Paid to signup offers



v)Affiliate Income from referrals- direct and rented referrals.

i)View advertisements :

Just like any PTC(Paid To Click) website, Optimalbux offers you a number of paid ads to click and earn cash. The number of ads is again determined by the type of membership.

Standard members have about 26 ads daily, of which 12 ads are fixed ads worth 0.001$.

Upgraded members have higher number of ads, including premium ads each worth 0.01 $ just like Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

So as a standard member your income from ads is only about 0.02 $ daily.

ii)Paid to sign up offers :

These offers give you cash for signing up on various websites.You can earn about 0.05$ per each sign ups.


This is the exciting part of Optimalbux- the revenue sharing income.

Each adpack cost you 10$.

So what do you get from each adpack?

Each adpack costs 10$ and gives you the following benefits:

  • 100 PTC credits
  • 1000 Banner Credits
  • 120% returns on investment ie 12$.
  • Daily returns of 0.5-1% (ie 0.06-0.12 $ daily)

The total revenue generated is 120% of your investment ie 12$. Hence you get 2 $ income  for every 10$ you invested.

If the return is 0.5% daily, it will take 200 days for the full 12 $. Seems a bit slow, but it is a realistic. After all there is nothing as get- rich overnight schemes.

The other positive aspect of this revenue sharing model is that, your income generated is added automatically to your account. This is unlike the TrafficMonsoon model where you have to click on paid ads to earn your revenue share income.

But off course you need to click atleast 4 ads inorder to earn from your adpacks.

The number of adpacks you can buy is dependent on your membership type. Standard members can have a maximum of 100 active shares, but upgraded members can have upto 5000 active shares!!


The grid is also unique. You get paid for every click. And on the 10th click you always get a bonus.!!

As a standard member you only get 10 clicks daily.

The above pic shows the bonus of 100 banner credits i received today.

v)Affiliate income :

Optimalbux offers amazing affiliate income of upto 100% from referrals.

These include income from both Direct and Rented referrals.

The income form Direct referrals range from 50% (Standard members)  to 100%  (all upgraded members) depending on your membership type.

The income from rented referrals range from 0.0005$ per click (standard members) to 0.001$ per click (all upgraded members)

This is very much like that of Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

The slight difference is that there is a cap on the number of direct referrals.Standard members can maximum 100 DR , whereas Diamond members can have unlimited DR.

The picture above shows the various types of memberships and their features.

So how is Optimalbux different from the other Revenue sharing schemes or programs?

There is a number of difference that sets Optimalbux apart from any other Revenue share programmes. Most of the Revenue sharing programmes in the recent past have all scammed !! This is because most of them are unsustainable.They are too good to believe.

Lets see how Revenue Sharing Programmes function , also called Ponzi schemes.

In a typical Revenue sharing schemes, users are required to invest in the form of adpacks.

Once you buy a back, you wait for it to mature and then cash out the profits.

For example, you invest 10 $ today. Then you wait for another person to invest 10$.

After a period of time, the owner gives you back your investment along with profits.

The latest investor then waits for the next investor to get the profit, and the cycle gets repeated.

What is the problem with these Revenue schemes?

As long as new investors keep coming there is no problem.

But once a saturation point is reached and not many new investors are coming, the profits start to dwindle. The owners are not able to get any profit and then schemes ultimately fails.

This is the reason why many of the revenue sharing schemes have failed.

They are generally too good to be true. They are not sustainable.

The most famous revenue scheme  in recent memory is the TrafficMonsoon. Which has scammed predictably just like any other Revenue sharing schemes.

On TrafficMonsoon each adpack cost you, 50$ and you get 1000 PTC credits and 55 $ in return. This matures in just 3 months.

TrafficMonsoon became a sensation overnight. But it was doomed .It was not sustainable. Once it reached a saturation point, there was no profit . Charles Scoville the admin of TrafficMonsoon,a well known scammer decided to run away with 16 million $ overnight !

So where was the mistake. I belief each adpack was maturing too fast. In just 3 months you are getting 110% amount of your investment, ie a profit of 10%. That`s not real. No bank or any known business work that way.

The same problem has also been faced by other Revenue sharing programmes. This include :

  • PV traffic
  • HQRevshare company
  • My Paying ads
  • Global Traffic ads.

So how is Optimalbux different from other Revenue sharing schemes ?

1.Trusted admin :

Optimalbux is launched by Dimitrios and his colleagues , who have already proven that they can be trusted with their previous PTC websites- ScarletClicks and GPT Planet.

Remember Charles Scoville was a serial scammer before he launched TrafficMonsoon.

2. Optimalbux has a sustainable model:

Unlike other Revenue Share Schemes, Optimalbux is not a get rich overnight programme. The admin  has carefully designed the returns in a sustainable way.

So what makes Optimalbux sustainable:

-Each adpack gives you a daily return of 0.5% income.So if you buy 10$ adpack, you will ultimately get 12$ @0.5% daily returns .This means you are getting 0.05$ daily for each adpack. So this will take  (0.05 x 200) =12 $ .ie 240 days ie nearly 8 months for maturation of each adpack @ 0.5% daily returns.

This is against the 3 months maturation time with TrafficMonsoon, which is too good to be true.!!

A 20% profit over 8 months is a very reasonable income.Yet it also gives enough time to the admin to recover the cash.

That`s why I believe, Optimalbux is sustainable.

3. Optimalbux is more than a Revenue Sharing Website:

Unlike the previous mentioned websites, Optimalbux is more than just Revenue sharing scheme. It is a PTC website modeled  just like ScarletClicks and GPT planet. Hence the admin is also getting revenue not only form the Ponzi schemes but also from the advertisements and rented referrals scheme on Optimalbux.

4.Limited affiliate income adpacks:

If you carefully study the affiliate income for adpack, it is non-existent for most members.

There is no affiliate income for Standard members as well as for upgraded members – Silver and Gold upgraded members. Only those with Platinum and Diamond members gets affiliate income from adpacks. Even that is a highly limited 2% and 3 % respectively.

Hence I truly believe that Optimalbux is sustainable. It is here to stay.Another masterpiece from Dimitrios and his team.

This might be his best among all his websites.

My personal Experience :

I have registered on OptimalBux after an initial hesitance. The reason I decided to register on OptimalBux is purely trusting the admin , since ScarletClicks and GPT Planet are also started by the same admin.

I am currently a standard member on OptimalBux. I am considering investing mainly on adpacks, so I am in no hurry to upgrade. Once I have earned enough then I will consider investing in Rented referrals and upgrading.

I will share my experience in adpacks and rented referrals so far on OptimalBux.

Adpacks :

Since registering I have bought one adpack costing 10$. i am currently receiving 0.05$ daily. This bonus is added to my account daily automatically. So i dont have to click on extra paid ads to receive this income.However I am required to click four regular paid ads in order to be eligible to receive my daily bonus income/ revenue share from the adpack.

Each pack will take 240 days to mature i will receive daily 0.05$ for 240 days so that i will 12 $ for each 10$ invested. This is a 20% profit margin over 8 months which equivalent to about 30% profit margin per year!! That is an excellent returns on investment, as compared to my SBI (the biggest bank in India)  investment which yields me around 6-9% profit margin per year!!

Rented Referrals:

Since the PTC portion of  OptimalBux is based on a Bux model PTC, there are rented referrals  available. I wanted to see how active these RR activity are. I know that as a standard member i am going to earn only 0.0005$ per click , but just to test and see I rented 5 RR. So far after 10 days of observation, I have found them to be very active averaging 10-12 clicks per day, which is a very good.

The following clip shows my RR activity so far.




In my opinion Optimalbux will become of the most popular and sought after PTC website in the near future. By adding a revenue sharing component to its PTC model, Optimalbux has overcome one of the major hindrance of PTC websites ie the slow return on investment.

Revenue sharing allows you to rapidly grow your account. The more you invest the more you earn.

Hence I recommend Optimalbux to all internet marketers, especially if you want to see your business to grow faster than any other existing PTC website.

This could be the new TrafficMonsoon!!, with a trusted admin.




The only drawback is that I did not see PayPal. Optimalbux has Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money as payment option.






The best rented referrals of the PTC industry ranked by membership type




Hello, I am John Kiks. An internet Marketer from India. In this article I want to discuss the best rented referrals of the PTC industry.

I will be discussing on the rented referral quality depending on your membership type in the various PTC websites. Hence rented referral activity with  Ultimate membership on neobux will be considered different from the rented referral activity with a Basic  Golden member  Or Standard Membership on neobux.

So what is the best way to  evaluate the quality of rented referrals ?

I have chosen a set of standards to help us arrive at the best rented referrals of the PTC websites.

i)Cost of rented referrals.

This include both the cost of buying referrals for a month and the cost of extending these referrals for 240 days or 360 days.

If you compare the cost rented referrals , GPT Planet and Scarletclicks.com offers the cheapest rented referrals. The cost of rented referrals start from 0.15$ a month on both these PTC websites. Whereas in the other popular PTC websites that offer rented referrals, these start from 0.20 $ per month. Neobux, Twickerz and Probux all offer at this rate.

The cost of extension of the rented referrals depends on the discount . Almost all PTC websites with rented referrals offer discount of up to 30% on extension to maximum possible length. This is 360 days on Scarletclicks and GPT planet and 240 days for Neobux and Twickerz.

In this regard, ScarletClicks and GPT planet offers the cheapest rented referrals compare to the other Bux Model PTC websites.

ii)Rented referral activity.

Rented referral activity refers to the number of clicks the rented referral is making during the rented period. The more active the referral the more the income.

I have noticed that ScarletClicks rented referrals continue to be active for many months but that of neobux usually income inactive after 45-60 days. The referrals I rented 4 months ago are still very active on ScarletClicks !!

iii)Ease of managing Rented referrals.

Here we have to look at how easy or difficult it is to manage the rented referrals. On some PTC websites like ScarletClicks or GPT planet, rented referrals are easy to manage. By this I mean that it is easy to predict the activity of rented referrals.

Neobux is often referred to as the King of PTC . This is because of the enormous earning opportunity on Neobux .But if you been working on Neobux, you will notice that predicting the activity of rented referrals is extremely difficult.

A user by name Yahiant has come up with a software called NRHM( Neobux Referrals Handy Manager), just to help in managing the rented referrals on neobux!!

iv)Earning potential from rented referrals.

This refers to the amount of money you can earn from rented referrals. On sites like Neobux, an Ultimate member can continue to rent any number of rented referrals , at a higher cost.

Hence earning potential on Neobux is Limitless. Some are already earning 2500$ monthly from Neobux. This is almost purely from rented referrals income.

Most PTC websites keep a limit on the amount of rented referrals you can keep, this ultimately limiting the income from rented referrals. On ScarletClicks, this limit is 8000 rented referrals for diamond members.


So here is the list of the Best rented referrals of the PTC industry ranked according to the Specific Membership type in various PTC websites.

1.Ultimate membership on Neobux :


Neobux is no doubt the King of PTC websites. Neobux is indeed  the site with the best rented referrals. But  if you are to earn well on Neobux, you need to be an Ultimate Member. This calls for a huge investment though!!

Positive features :

So what are the positive features of Ultimate Membership on neobux .

So why have I chosen this as the best membership plan for rented referrals.

1.Unlimited amount of rented referrals.

Hence unlimited earning potential. There are some Neobux members who are having nearly 50,000 rented referrals. But after you have more than 4000 rented referrals the cost of renting a rented referrals increases significantly.

ii)Easy to manage the rented referrals.

Once you become an Ultimate member on Neobux, then managing rented referrals is extremely easy. In fact there is no need to manage your referrals.

Neobux have a unique features called the Inactivity Days Free Replacement, which is  7 days for Ultimate members. This features gives the ultimate member on Neobux a very unique and a powerful tool. Any rented referral who does not click for 7 consecutive days gets recycled for free. Hence Ultimate members have lots of young rented referrals.

Having studied the peak referral activity of neobux rented referrals, i have found that rented referrals are most active when they are young ie below 14 days. So the 7 days inactivity free replacement helps ultimate members to recycle all inactive and older members for FREE.


So ultimate members do not have to spend money on recycling inactive rented referrals.

This tool is so effective that once you are an ultimate member you will have higher rented referral activity usually in the range of 0.64-0.70.

iii)Passive income.

Ultimate members on neobux do not have to click on PTC ads daily in order to earn from either direct or rented referrals. Hence income as an Ultimate member is potentially a passive income.

Hence according to me an Ultimate member on Neobux is the best plan of any PTC websites.



High cost of investment

The only real drawback for Neobux ultimate membership is the high cost. The cost of ultimate membership is 860$ for the first year and 790 $ per year from the second year onwards.

Apart from these , you need to invest on buying rented referrals. It is said that to maintain an ultimate membership on Neobux, you need to have at least 2500 rented referrals .otherwise you will have a negative balance.

This much investment is far beyond the capacity of many online internet marketers. But if you are really serious about earning online, you should try this one.


2.ScarletClicks with an upgraded membership.                     

ScarletClicks.com is often referred to as the PTC with the best rented referrals.

An upgraded member on ScarletClicks.com is an excellent alternative to Ultimate membership on Neobux. Rented referrals on ScarletClicks.com are generally very active and easy to manage. But in order to make the full advantage of the excellent rented referrals activity one has to upgrade to any of the upgraded member- Silver or Golden or Diamond membership.

Positive features:

I)100 % direct referral income from both direct and rented referrals.

This is given to all upgraded members on ScarletClicks.com.

ii)Excellent rented referral activity.

Rented referrals on ScarletClicks.com are generally very active. These referrals also remain active for very long time. Hence no need to recycle them. I have 200 rented referrals on ScarletClicks.com, but I have to recycle only 0ne or two rented referrals every third day.

Moreover the referrals I rented 4 months ago are still very much active.


iii)Easy to manage.

Unlike neobux , ScarletClicks rented referrals are very easy to manage. By consensus, it is good to recycle any rented referral that has not clicked any ads for the 4 consecutive days.

It is been observed that once a rented referral on ScarletClicks for 4 consecutive days, it is unlikely to ever click again, no matter how many days you wait.


Limit to the number of rented referrals.

In my opinion this is the only drawback on Scarletclicks. If you are a silver upgraded your rented referral limit is a mere 200. Even if you are a diamond member, which is the highest member on ScarletClicks.com you cannot rent more than 8000 rented referrals.

This this put a limit to the amount you can earn from rented referrals.

3..GPT Planet –upgraded member.                     Image result for gpt planet

GPT Planet is the smaller brother of ScarletClicks.com. Both have similar features. The only difference is that GPT planet gives you lesser earning potential.

Positive features:

Same as for ScarletClicks.com.




Lower or limited earning potential.

If you are Silver upgraded member, your rented referral limit is 100 and not 200 as in ScarletClicks.com.



My experience on this PTC website is limited.

I am sharing from analysis of the various features of this websites and also the experience of other PTC users.

Positive features :

-Excellent rented referral activity.  Twickerz gives you good and active rented referrals, much like scarletClciks.com.

-Easy to manage ; Generally most rented referrals are active . Rented referrals with average below 0.5 are better recycled.



Rented referrals here are costly , with prices very similar to that of Neobux rented referrals.

Related image


What about Neobux Membership with Golden member?

I have not put up here but you can put that as the fifth in the list.

I am a Golden member with 1000 rented referrals on neobux. But I am not able to make a significant income. I earn about 12-15$ a month despite having so many rented referrals.

With similar kind of rented referrals on ScarletClicks I am sure I will be making at least 50-60 $ as income monthly.

Hence I did not include Golden membership on neobux among the list of the best rented referrals .


So in conclusion these are the best rented referrals of the PTC industry ranked by membership type.

1.Neobux with Ultimate membership.

2.ScarletClicks.com with any upgraded membership.

3.GPT Planet with upgraded membership.




I hope you find these ranking useful. I am sure you might have a difference in opinion regarding the rankings of the best rented referrals. You are free to leave your comments below.



John Kiks.



Earn a second income with your smartphone


Is it possible to earn a second income with your smartphone? Yes it is possible. But you need to learn how and where to work and off course be willing to spend time doing some work because there is no such thing as free money without work or investment. Hi all, this is John Kiks an internet marketer  from India, and I am going to discuss  few easy  and reliable methods  to earn a second income with your smartphone.

This article is primarily meant for those who are relatively new to internet marketing. If you are someone who is already working on some form of internet marketing, you too are welcome to go through my article and share your views in the column below.

I have restricted myself to some of the easiest ways to earn  a second income with your smartphone. If you search the internet for various methods of how to earn a second income with your smartphone , you can come across nearly 100 methods to earn.. These include you tube marketing, freelancing,affiliate marketing , Amazon associates, data entry jobs and the likes. But most of these are too difficult for newbies to internet marketing .Hence I have made this article keeping those who are new to internet marketing.

Three simple methods to earn a second income with your smartphone ?

I am going to share just three time tested  and easy methods to earn a second income with your smartphone. These methods are so easy, you need only simple basic computing skills and these are ideal for newbies to internet marketing.

1.Earn by clicking on paid ads/promotional videos on PTC (Paid-To-Click) websites.

2.Earn by doing survey offers.

3.Earn by completing simple offers with your smartphone.

1.Earn by clicking on paid ads/promotional videos on PTC websites.

Paid-To-Click (PTC ) websites are advertisement websites that pays users for viewing paid ads and promotional videos. Hence you are paid to click these ads .

So you don`t need any skill in order to earn from these websites. All you have to do is to click on an ad and watch the advertisement .

The picture below shows an example of a PTC ad from an old and trusted PTC website called Myfreeshares.com.


So how do I earn ?

All you have to do is to click on the ad and view the advertisement  If you click on the ad, it will open to a new page. You have to watch the ads for at least 15 to 30 seconds inorder to get paid. Its that simple.

So what are PTC websites ?

These are advertisement websites. Here advertisers promote their products through these ads. They will pay you for viewing their advertisements, very much similar to PEPSI or Wills company which pays crore of rupees to the TV channels to advertise  their products.



              Read more :   What are PTC websites.Read in detail.


So which are the best and most trusted  PTC websites .

The internet is filled with lots of fraudulent websites, especially in regards to those opportunities related to earning online .Hence one must be careful not to waste time or invest in fraudulent offers and projects. Here are the best and most trusted PTC websites of the internet as of 2017.

  1. Myfreeshares.com.

These PTC website was launched in 2004.One of the earliest PTC website and a very trusted PTC which has been paying its members for the past 13 years.

I am a Golden upgraded member currently earning about 33$ monthly. However one must remember that earning on any PTC takes time.Initially you will be earning few cents daily as low as 0.10$ per day .But with persistence and some smart strategy you can earn 100$ monthly from these website.

How can we earn on Myfreeshares.com

i)Clicking on Paid ads.

Clicking on each of the above ads will earn you 0.5 cents.

ii)Passive income from shares.  Here on myfreeshares.com, you can buy shares.These shares then convert to cash/$ daily. everyday a few percentage of your shares gets converted to cash/$.

The above pic shows that today on 13th nov 17 , i earned 0.93$ from my 3985 shares. These is a passive income.

If you buy shares worth 10$, ultimately you will get about 11$.Similarly if you buy shares worth 50$, these shares will ultimately convert to about 72$ !!.But these conversion is slow and takes nearly 6 months.


iii)Income from direct referrals– these are the people who join myfreeshares.com as your downline.

I have been a member of Myfreeshares.com since 2015. Here is my current account.

I have 135.9$ in my account currently. I also have nearly 4000 shares.



2. ScarletClicks.com

These is another very reliable PTC website which was launched in 2009 by a Greece Internet marketer named  Dimitrios Kornelatos . This is now one of my favorite PTC website of 2017.

Like any other PTC websites, you will get paid for viewing paid ads.But there are other ways to earn here on ScarletClicks.com. An important feature is the option to rent rented referrals. These are people whom you rent for sometime.You earn everytime they click on paid ads!!

The pic above shows the website of ScarletClicks.com. You earn 0.01$ for clicking and watching each ads given above.


Read more :          ScarletClicks the PTC with the best Rented referrals


So what are the ways to earn on ScarletClicks.com

i)Clicking on Paid ads.

ii)Income from referrals. Two types of referrals are available in ScarletClciks.com. These are:

i)Direct referrals: These are members of ScarletClicks who join as your downline. That means you have introduced these members to ScarletClicks.com. You earn about 40-100% of their earnings.

ii)Rented referrals – These are members who are hired by you for some amount for a certain period. Everytime these referrals click and earn cash you also earn cash/$.

There are other methods but these are the two main ways to earn from ScarletClicks.com.

I am a member of ScarletClicks.com since July 2017. i have already earned 70$.But most of these I have already invested back into the website so that i can earn more.


                                         Click here to join ScarletClicks


3. Neobux                                

Neobux is considered by many as the best PTC website due to its high earning potential.

But unfortunately, currently Neobux is not available on smartphone. Just like ScarletClicks.com you hhave income from paid ads and also from borth types or referrals.

The picture above is the Neobux webpage.


                   Read more : Neobux the King of PTC



Below is the amount earned on neobux so far.


Do you know that your opinion matters a lot to the leading and major commercial companies !! Manufacturing companies rely a lot of feedback surveys to enable them to design products that are wanted by customers.

Hence they are willing to spent hundreds of dollars to get your opinion.

Just imagine if Reebok were to design a shoe and sale it in the market and no one wants to buy their show models.!! Their losses would be in millions of dollars. So why not spend a few hundred dollars instead and find out what the customers want or prefer.These apply to any company.

Earn a  second income by doing survey offers on Clixsense


Clixsense has now emerged as one of the best , if not the best site for survey offers. In fact in my opinion, is is the best. On clixsense you get nearly 10-20 survey offers daily.

The picture above shows the number of surveys currently available and the money we can earn from completing each survey offers.


Tips on earning from surveys.

  • Fill up your survey profile carefully. Its a gold mine if you fill it carefully you will get more survey offers.
  • be patient Initially you will not qualify for many surveys. But keep on trying. On an average you can qualify for 2-3 surveys daily.
  • be honest and sincere :. don`t answer whatever you want. You answers are being monitored.If you are found giving irrelevant answers frequently, you will be disqualified.

for more details on how to earn from Clixsense, kindly read this article .I have explained in detail.

           Read more :       Clixsense the best survey offers


I have already completed nearly 200 survey offers on Clixsense so far and have already earned more than 470 $ .

Currently I have a balance of 78$ .

I have already withdrawn 315$  ( equal to Rs.20,400/-) so far from Clixsense.



There are lots of offers available on Clixsense and Neobux website where you can earn a decent cash/$. These include offers for watching videos, completing simple tasks and playing mobile games.

The picture above shows the various mobile offers available on Clixsense.

These offers are good if you are someone who is good at playing mobile games.

 Read More :   Earn with your smartphone.

I am not that good at mobile games.I have not really earned so much.But I am sure if you are good at it you can earn well.


So i hope you found this article on how to earn a second income with your smartphone useful.Feel free to share your comments and opinions in the column below.


John Kiks.





Posted in PTC

Myfreeshares strategy :Earn from Myfreeshares


Hello everyone. I am John here an internet marketer from India.I am currently into blogging and also I have been working on the Paid-To-Click (PTC) industry since 2014. I have been working on a number of PTC websites including Neobux, Clixsense ,ScarletClicks.com  and Myfreeshares.com.

Today lets take a detailed analysis on how to earn from Myfreeshares.com , a unique PTC website.

Before I share in detail about my  strategy on how to earn from Myfreeshares.com, lets take a look at Myfreeshares website in detail.


 Click here to Visit Myfreeshares.com website.



Working on Myfreeshares.com is very easy.Just like any PTC websites, here you are paid for clicking and viewing on paid ads. But another feature of myfreeshares.com is the availability of shares. Shares can be bought or can also be earned through clicking paid ads. Everyday a small fraction of shares get converted to cash/$ automatically. Hence income on Myfreeshares.com is actually a Passive income.

So what are the different ways in which one can earn from Myfreeshares.com ;

i)Paid ads- By clicking on paid ads one can earn both cash/$ and shares too.

So for clicking and viewing each ads , you will be paid 0.5 cents.

Pic showing paid ads valued at 0.01 shares per ads.



               Read more :  What are PTC websites



ii) Passive income from conversion of shares to cash/$ :

This is the main source of income .Once you have invested in shares , then conversion of shares to cash/$ is automatic. On current market value, each shares gets converted to 0.18$. But these conversion takes is done slowly. Everyday 0.15 % of your total shares gets converted to cash/$. Hence it may take nearly 6 months for the shares to convert to cash/$.

The following chart shows the cost of shares and ultimate amount after shares convert to cash along with the % income.

Shares Cost Amount after conversion  % income
10 shares 1.8$
60 shares 10$ (along with Bronze membership) 10.8$ 110%
250 shares 25$ (along with Silver membership) 37.5$ 150%
400 shares 50$ (Along with Golden membership) 72$ 150%


iii)Income from Direct referrals :

Myfreeshares.com offers an excellent five level income from affiliate / direct referrals.


So if you have a good number of direct referrals , you can really earn from them.This is also a passive income.

Myfreeshares strategy :How to earn from Myfreeshares

Myfreeshares is a unique PTC website.It functions very similarly to another PTC website called Paidvert.com. But the big difference is that on Paidvert.com you have manually click on hundreds of ads to convert your hard earned BAP points to cash/$, but here on myfreeshares.com that conversion from shares to cash/$ is passive.

So principally if  you have to earn money here once has to invest in buying shares. If you are not going to invest a your  income is very less. Daily income for a Standard member, which is free gives you about 2 cents and 0.12 shares daily. This is really a small income.

Income  for a Standard member :

i)Paid ads –

You can earn both cash and shares from paid ads.

cash/$- as a standard member you cane arn about 2-3 cents daily from paid ads.On an average you will get few ads valued at 0.25 $ and mostly o.1 cents.

shares : as a standard member you will get about 10 ads valued at about 0.01 shares for a total income of 0.12 shares daily.

ii)income from shares to cash/$.

Everyday 0.15% of your total shares gets automatically converted to cash/$. This is same for all irrespective of your membership type ie Standard or upgraded member.

iii)Income from direct referrals: this is also the same across all types of membership. The five level income is same for all members.

The usual income is very less at the beginning for Standard Members.But with some investment and some smart strategyu one can earn 100$ monthly or more on myfreeshares.com.


So how can i invest on myfreeshares.com

Myfreeshares.com offers three types of upgraded membership, namely

  • Bronze membership
  • Silver membership
  • Golden Membership.

Lets take a look in detail about each membership- cost and income opportunities.

1)Bronze membership :

This will cost you 10$ per month or 100$ per year.

Benefits of Bronze membership : 

When you upgrade top Bronze membership you get the following benefits:

i)60 shares: this is worth 10.8$ in the current market rates.

ii)Increase paid ads : You will get higher number of paid advertisements to click. These ads value will be 0.1 cents per click.On an average you will get   ads valued at around 10 cents daily.

You will also get more opportunity to earn shares from paid ads. On an average you will be getting about 100 ads of 0.01 shares , ie about 1 shares daily. The amount of  high value share ads are same for all upgraded members ie same for Bronze or Silver or Golden Membership.

Pic: High value share ads for upgraded members.

iii) Opportunity to get random direct referrals. All upgraded members get the opportunity to get random direct referrals from those that do not have any upline.

iv)Income from direct referrals is same as for standard members.

2.Silver Membership :

Cost 25$ per month or 250$ per year.

Benefits of Silver Membership include :

i)250 shares ;This is worth 37.5$ dollars at current market rates, representing a  50% profit margin.

ii)Increased income from Paid ads:

-High value paid ads about 10 ads of value 0.25 cents in addition to the Bronze membership ads. Average income from ads is about 12-15 cents daily..


Pic:Showing high value ads 0.25 cents for Silver membership.

-More high value share ads .On an average you will be getting about 100 ads of 0.01 shares , ie about 1 shares daily.

iii) Opportunity to get random direct referrals. All upgraded members get the opportunity to get random direct referrals from those that do not have any upline.

iv)Income from direct referrals is same as for standard members.

3.Golden Membership.

i)400 shares worth 72$ in the current market rates. A profit of 22$ from 50$ investment !!!.

ii)Increase paid ads with more 0.5 cents high value ads. On an average you will get about 10 -12 ads with value of 0.5 cents along in addition to the Silver membership ads. Usually about 0.22-0.25$ worth of ads daily !!!

Pic: High value ads each 0.5 cents for Golden membership.

-More high value share ads .On an average you will be getting about 100 ads of 0.01 shares , ie about 1 shares daily.

iii) Opportunity to get random direct referrals. All upgraded members get the opportunity to get random direct referrals from those that do not have any upline.

iv)Income from direct referrals is same as for standard members.

Hence among all the different membership Golden Members have the maximum benefit. Hence I decided to become a Golden Member about 5 months ago and currently enjoying the benefits of Golden Membership !!

Payment Proofs:

So before investing in any business model you have to be sure that its not a scam.

So lets take a look at some payment proof from Myfreeshares.com.

In fact Myfreeshares is one of the most trusted PTC websites paying its members regularly since 2004. Over the past 13 years Myfreeshares have proven itself as a PTC website that is here to stay.

My Strategy to earn from Myfreeshares

I have been a member of Myfreeshares.com since 2016. I am now currently a Golden Upgraded member having 103 $ in my account with  56 Direct referrals and nearly 4000 shares worth nearly 720$ !!.

My plan is to keep investing till i reach 10,000 shares on my account by going for another Golden Membership upgrade continuously  and then start withdrawing once I earn in excess of 500$ yearly.


So what made me invest so much cash 500$ (nearly 35,000/- INR) on Myfreeshares.com

After carefully studying and calculating the income I will be making from Myfreeshares.com I decided to invest as  Yearly  Golden Membership which costs me 500$.

When I upgraded to Yearly Golden membership I already had nearly 2000 shares in my account.

This is the calculation I made.

Expected income at the end of 1st Year as a Golden Member = 380-400$.

Expected Amount shares in my account att he end of first year as Golden Member =Approx.5000 shares.

2nd year: invest another 100$ and buy another Yearly Golden Member (Hence Total investment- 500+ 100=600$)

Expected Income at the end of 2nd year as Golden Member = 620$

Expected shares in my account at the end of 2nd Golden year = 7000 shares.

3rd Year -invest 500$ from income for another Golden, withdraw 120$ or use it to buy shares,

Expected income at the end of 3rd year Golden – approx 750$.

Expected shares at end of 3rd year Golden= 8000 shares…..

So I have invest from my pocket only for the first 2 years.After that I can re-invest from my income.

This will help me to generate nearly 250$ yearly as a passive income. With each year my income will only grow as I get more and more Direct referrals.


So is it possible to earn from Myfreeshares ? Yes. But this is not a get to Rich overnight scheme nor for the lazy guys looking for easy money.

Myfreeshares.com is a very safe place to invest.

Passive income : Once you have lots of shares in your account, your earning is passive.This is what I like the most about Myfreeshares.com.

Low risk investment : Returns are slow, but this is definitely a low risk investment.

Recurrent Income : After the third year I am gonna enjoy benefits for life time !!!Cool.







How to manage Neobux Rented referrals



Leaning how to manage neobux rented referrals is the key to success on Neobux. Neobux is the pro-type Bux Model type PTC website. A Bux model PTC website typically offers you rented referrals as a key part of its make up.

The  features of the Bux model type PTC  include

  • availability to rent referrals.
  • high cost of upgrading membership
  • more high value   ads for upgraded membership,
  • limit on direct referrals and
  • income based mainly on members investment rather than just dependent on  advertisement income.

Neobux,Pro-bux and Scarlet-clicks are all examples of the Bux model type PTC websites.

On the other hand, Real PTC websites like the former Clixsense, depend heavily on income from advertisement. Buxp which has recently decided to shut down because of less income from advertisement is also an example of these Real type PTC website.

The key to success  in Bux model PTC websites like neobux is learning how to manage neobux rented referrals. This is especially important for all Standard or Golden members of Neobux. For Ultimate members they really need not bother recycling their rented referrals because of the excellent feature available for them ie automatic recycling of referrals inactive for  7 days.

In this article I will explain in detail how I am able to get RR average clicks about 0.6-0.68 everyday with minimal expenses. I usually recycle only about 1% of my RR daily, but I am getting pretty good averages for a Golden Member on Neobux!!

Take a look at my Neobux Rented referral page below.


In case you are not yet a member of Neobux you can click here to register.




Before jumping onto how to manage rented referrals on neobux, l am going to do an in-depth analysis of the  Rented referrals on Neobux.

So what are Rented referrals?


Rented referrals are those who joined Neobux without a referral link, and can be hired for a certain period of time .

Since they are hired, you need to pay them for the period you hire them and work for you. During this time you get paid for every click made by them. Remember only clicks of the Orange ads made by the referral are counted.

That means if a rented referral is a standard member he can click a maximum of 4 orange clicks per day, but if the rented referral is a golden member, than he can click 9 orange ads per day. Clicks on extended exposure are also counted, but clicks on the pink ads are not counted.

How much can we earn from a rented referral daily?

This is depends on your membership type. If you are a standard member , you earn only 50% of income per click ie 0.005 $ per rented referral click.But if you are a golden member with or without a golden pack, you ear 0.01$ per referral click.

The picture above shows the income for a rented referral click depending on your membership type.

So how much does it cost to rent referrals?

The cost of rented referrals on neobux is not uniform. It is cheap to begin with, but the cost increases as you rent more and more referrals.

The picture below gives you the cost renting a Rented Referral (RR)

Remember when you are buying a RR , you are buying only for a month. But if you want to extend them for more days, you need to extend their duration of rental days. Again the cost of extending is not the same.If you extend them for long duration you get more discount.

The pic below gives the cost of extending RR with the discount rates.




How much can you rent?


Again this is dependent on the type of membership. For standard members, this limit is 300 RR but for Ultimate members it is 4000 RR, with option to rent more at a much higher cost per RR.


                                  Read more:     Neobux review- is Neobux legit or scam !!



So why it is difficult to manage Rented Referral`s on Neobux ?


Many new members on Neobux have wasted lots of money renting referrals looking for quick rewards and have been terribly disappointed. It is indeed a risky business to invest in any business without fully assessing the risk and income opportunities. This is also true regarding any online business !! These individuals who have bought lots of RR without learning how to manage Neobux rented referrals are now calling Neobux a big scam !!

So much so that you will get many Neobux reviews calling Neobux a big scam. But is that true. I just think they did not take time to study the most important part of success on any Bux Model PTC website like Neobux – Learning how to manage Neobux rented referrals.

There is some truth in saying  that managing RR on neobux is difficult.

Lets look at some facts about Renting referrals on Neobux:


  • i) Rented Referrals are more costly on Neobux compared to other Bux sites ..

For example, lets compare the cost of Renting Referrals on Scarlet-Clicks another trusted and paying PTC website based on the Bux Model.


And compare this price with Neobux:

The cost of renting referrals is definitely more with Neobux.

  • ii) Poor rented referral activity neobux compared to other websites like Scarlet-clicks.

I have 1000 RR on Neobux earning me 0.15-0.20$ per . Whereas I have 180 RR on scarlet clicks and I earn approximately the same amount because of the high RR activity on scarlet clicks.

From my experience of working on neobux for 3 years I have noticed that Neobux RR  stop clicking once they make around 40-45 clicks.Beyond that even they click its very unprofitable and you are FORCED to recycle the  old RR at a cost of 0.06$ per RR.

Where as on Scarlet clicks, i am noting that they continue to click well almost daily.


      Read more : Scarlet-Clicks the PTC site with the Best RR


  • iii)RR on Neobux are unpredictable.

Neobux RR are so complicated and so difficult . It is very difficult to predict their future activity. Yahaint a Neobux member has developed a very complex and useful tool called the NRHM -Neobux Referrals Handy manager. I too downloaded and used this software for sometime,but I found it too cumbersome and ultimately not that useful.

Instead I realised that using the Neobux Visualization filter available on the Neobux website was much better and  more useful.


           Read More : How to use the Neobux Visualization filter


Whereas on Scarlet-Clicks , the RR activity is very simple to predict.Once a RR has stopped clicking for more than 4 days, it very unlikely that RR will ever click again.Hence on Scarlet-Clicks, you just recycle every RR that has not clicked for more than 4 days!!


But one must not forget the Neobux is a very reliable and trusted PTC website. And also the earning opportunity is much more on neobux than perhaps any other PTC website.

Hence mastering this difficult art of how to manage Neobux rented referrals is an essential skill one must learn in order to succeed on neobux.

.                          …How to manage neobux rented referrals…….


I have personally done a lots of detailed study about different aspects of the Neobux RR. I am thankful to the Neobux visualization filter which is freely available on neobux, for enabling me to obtain  a lot of data about the RR activity on Neobux website.

I have made a number of interesting observation about the Neobux RR .These are my findings:

  • I)Most Neobux rented referrals  become inactive after 45-50 days

I have observed this fact over and over again. After this period they  either stop clicking or click in a very unprofitable manner. Hence you are FORCED to recycle them.

Because of these many neobux members are now thinking id these RR are really human beings or just machine generated  Bots.

Well I am not going to these debate here, but I am just presenting facts.

I have written down my findings in detail on my personal thread that I was writing on Neobux.

Kindly click the link below.

 Click here ->     Rented referral activity analysis based on age of RR on Neobux.

In order to get this data, I did my own PRA (Peak Referral Activity) study. i divided all my 1000 RR based on age into different groups

0-7 days

8-15 days

15-30 days

31-40 days

After studying my RR these way for nearly 60 days i came out with some interesting facts about RR activity.

  • RR are most active when they  are between 0-15 days.After these Most RR activity slowly dips.This explains why Ultimate members with lots of new RR have such high and good RR activity.
  • Most RR become inactive or unprofitable after 40-50 days.This is reflected by very poor activity on my PRA analysis. Hence one must recycle the older referrals preferably when recycling inactive RR.
  • RR averages are not useful in predicting future RR activity. This was a very startling discovery I made after my analysis .Averages tell you the overall clicks made by the RR over the duration of being your Rental period.It does not tell you if the RR is still active or has stopped clicking.

Lets take some examples

i)An RR who you have been working for you  for 40 days .If he was very active in the first 30 days say making 40 clicks and have totally stopped clicking after 32 days ie inactive for past 8 days.

His/her average at the end of 32 days will be 40/32 ie 1.25 clicks per day – wow.But at the end of 40 day it is 1.00 which is still very good. But as I have already said, once an RR is old, the likelihood of clicking is very less. hence these RR with high average may never click again. You will instead benefit by recycling it before loosing another 6 useless days hoping for this referral to click.

ii)An RR who is now 21 days old and have  made only  15 clicks so far. Hence his average after 21 days is 0.71, which is not that great.But since this referral is still young, there is a high chance that he/she will click again , resulting in improved average. Hence recycling this referral due to its relatively lower averages will only result in a loss for you!!

Hence I NEVER decide to recycle by simply looking at the average of RR. Instead I depend more on the age of RR and also its recent activity.

  • II) Rented Referral activity is also determined by nature of Recycling .

By this I meant that the RR activity is determined by the way in which you recycled and got a new RR.


How to manage neobux rented referrals…….

There are two ways to recycle an inactive RR .

i) Automatic Recycling – in these way you will get a new RR once an RR is inactive for a certain period of time. This Inactivity free replacement time varies with your membership. I called the Auto-recycled RR.

  • For standard members – 14 days
  • For Golden members-1st year-14 days
  •                                 -2nd year onward- 13 days
  • Sapphire – 12 days
  • Ultimate Members- 7 days.

ii) Manual recycling : Here you get a new RR after you manually recycled an inactive RR at a cost. The cost of recycling also varies with your membership. I called these RR as manually-recycled RR.

Standard members- 0.07$ per recycle.

Golden members-0.06$ per recycle.

Ultimate member-0.04 $ per recycle.

Neobux Golden Packs features:

Emerald Sapphire Platinum Diamond Ultimate
Rental Queue No 50 ref. No 100 ref. 200 ref.
Referrals per page 150 100 200 100 300
Inactivity Days Free Replacement 14 days 12 days 14 days 10 days 7 days
Vacation Mode No 7 days No 15 days Unlimited
Rental Waiting Days 6 days 7 days 5 days 7 days 4 days
Recycle Discount per Referral $0.01 $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 $0.03
Days Between Cashouts 3 days 4 days 2 days 4 days 1 day
Maximum Referral Package Available 150 100 200 100 300
AutoPay Minimum Days Limit 20 days 18 days 20 days 14 days 10 days
Maximum Limit to Rent Referrals 2000 2500 2000 3000 4000
Maximum Amount of Direct Referrals 300 300 400 400 Unlimited
Monthly Payment Discount (above $0.20) $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 $0.02 $0.03
Guaranteed Available Advertisements 10 10 12 12 15
Your Standard Advertisement Click Value $0.012 $0.012 $0.015 $0.015 $0.020
Enhanced Statistics No No No No Yes
Referrals Activity Distribution Filter Golden Golden Golden Golden Improved



The admin of neobux has mentioned very clearly that there will be a difference in Rental activity between these two types of RR.

Take a look at he picture below :

In short what the admin is trying to convey is that Manually recycled RR will give you better results and more clicks than an Auto-recycled RR which is free of cost !!.

I have again done a detailed study comparing these two types of RR using the visualization filters. I flagged all the manually recycled RR as pink and all the Auto-recycled RR as black for this study.


Pic; Shows the Manually recycled RR flagged with pink flags.

Pic; shows all auto-recycled RR flagged as black flags.

I am not able to show you all the details of my study but I will tell you my findings in brief.

  • Manually-Recycled RR have higher over all clicks compare to the Auto-recycled RR.
  • The activity between the two types is almost same for up to 25-30 days.
  • Auto-recyled RR activity drops significantly after working for about 30-35 days. After this period most of them become inactive.
  • Manually Recycled RR continue to be active for up to 40-45 days, before their activity drops.

Hence I now recycle the auto-recycled RR earlier ie by 35 days if they are becoming inactive. Where as for the Manually Recycled RR I wait for them till they are about 45-50 days before I recycle them if they are becoming inactive.

How to manage neobux rented referrals…….

Determinants of RR activity on Neobux

So after the detailed analysis of Rented Referral activity on Neobux , I have come to some important conclusions as to what determines the RR activity and how we can predict with reasonable accuracy about the behavior of the Rented Referrals.

So here are the most important factors that determine the future RR activity :

1.The age of Rented referral:
By this I mean the duration, the Rented Referral has been working for you.

For knowing the age of your RR there is a very simple software called the Neobuxox .This is actually not a software but just an extension to your browser.Both chrome and Firefox are available.

This software will give you details about the age of every RR and the income/profit or Loss you made from the RR.


In my experience and also in my study this isthe most important determinant of RR activity. The younger the RR the more the clicks , but as the RR gets older their clicks drop sharply.

2.Recent activity :

By this I mean the activity of the RR in the past  7-10 days.

This is also an important determinant of future RR activity. Most RR do not click profitable once their recent activity is poor. They might not get automatically recycled but if their activity is becoming poor like clicking 2 clicks per week, better to recycle it.

3.Type of RR- either Manually recycled or auto-recycled.

Manually recycled RR have better activity and continue to be active for longer period as compared to Auto-recycled RR. Hence it is wise to recycled the Auto-recycled RR more earlier than the Manually recycled RR .

What about averages?

You might have noticed that I don`t evaluate any RR by averages. In fact I do look at averages. But as I have already explained earlier, Averages can be very deceptive.They do not tell you the recent activity of the RR.

Yes if a RR is exceptionally good having very high averages over a long period than you take their average as a  guide.In my experience of working on neobux for the past 3 years I have had 0 number of exceptionally good RR !!!!

How much to recycle ?


I would suggest to recycle everyday.

From past experience and from trials and errors and having experimented with many types of recycling volumes I would recommend to recycle about 1-1.5% of your recycles daily.

If you have 1000 R ,recycle around 10-15 RR, if you have  500 RR recycle only about 5-7 RR daily.

Some have tried excessive or high recycling with high averages.But if you remove your expenditure from your profit , then ultimately your Real average ie Observed average minus daily recycling cost becomes less and hence less profit.


So how do I go about recycling my RR daily?


Currently I have 1000 RR. And I daily recycle about 1% of my RR ie about 10-11 RR are recycled daily.

I use the Neobux visualization filter to identify the two types of RR.

Black flags- Auto-recycled RR

Pink Flags- The Manually recycled RR.

I am currently recycling about 6 Black RR and 4-5 Pink RR everyday.

I first use the filter to identify the Auto-recycled RR  who are more than 35 days and who are not active in the last 6-9 days .And recycle them in the order of age of the RR, older RR are recycled earlier. I don`t look at averages. Averages are deceptive and not useful.

I repeat the same process with the Pink flags ie the manually recycled RR but i select only those who are more than 45 days old.

So what results have I been getting with these methods ?


I have been getting a reasonable good results. My RR averages are anything from 0.59-0.67 for most of the days.

The pic below shows my average today on Oct.6th.


Pic: The pic above shows details of my Neobux rented and direct referrals; including recycle value and rented averages.

The recycle value shows that the recycle value which is the amount I have been spending usually about  0.66 $ ie 11 Rented referrals recycled.

The Rented referral clicks shows that I am getting about 0.60-.68 averages from my Rented referrals.

I am sure the methods I used can be easily understood and replicated by anybody.

I can`t guarantee you success because every Neobux members set of RR differs.

You can even do your own analysis using the principles I have applied.

I hope this article on how to manage neobux rented referrals will be useful to other neobux members.

I don`t mind you freely sharing my article .I hope I can help other Neobux members to succeed.



John kiks




All comments and suggestions are welcome.









How to get Direct Referrals to your website


Direct Referrals form the backbone of income for any Affiliate Marketing Model. So learning how to get  direct referrals to your website or any other affiliate market product is the key to success . In the face of steep competition in today`s internet market , one has to constantly come up with new and appealing ideas  to get internet marketers to join your website or use  your product. This is easier said than done.

So why is it so difficult to get direct referrals ? 

Is there a secret recipe on How to get direct referrals !! 

The answer as to why its so tough to get a direct referral is  very simple – Competition.

There are many competitors for the same website or similar product . Hence hundreds sometimes thousands of internet marketers are targeting the same population to advertise their products / website. So the few marketers who has mastered the art of advertising and reaching targeted population ultimately triumphs.

What is affiliate Marketing ?

Before discussing how to get direct referrals to your website ,lets look at the Affiliate Model of Internet Marketing.

The basic component of a  Affiliate marketing is a that whenever you refer someone to any online product/company  and that person buys the product or joins the company you receive a compensation.This could be a one time compensation or a residual lifelong compensation. The level of compensation could also vary from a single referral level to multiple tier level of compensation.

Type of Affiliate Marketing ?

Based on the above facts , there are nearly 18-20 types of Affiliate Marketing Models. But most of these could be classified into two major types :

1.Pay-Per-Click (PPC) :In this affiliate marketing type, the merchant /company pays his affiliate whenever a visitor is referred to his site, that is whenever someone clicks through the merchant’s banner or text ads. The affiliate gets paid a certain amount even if the visitor he referred does not purchase anything from the merchant’s site.

2.Pay-Per-Perfomance. (PPP) :  In this type of affiliate program, the merchant/company  only pays the affiliate whenever his referral translates into an action—that is whenever the visitor he has referred actually buys something from the merchant’s site or when the visitor becomes a lead. It is a lucrative type of income for the dedicated affiliate, for commissions in PPP affiliate marketing usually comes in the range of 15% to 20% of the actual product sales.

PPP model can be further divided into two categories :

a.Pay Per Sale (PPS) :

This is a one time payment for any sale made through the affiliate link on a given website. The Amazon Affiliate Program is based on this type of Affiliate Marketing.

b.Pay Per Lead (PPL) :

In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever the visitor he referred to the merchant’s site becomes a lead ie the person actually joins the company.

The Paid-To-Click (PTC ) industry is a type of Affiliate wherein the person who refers any new member to the company becomes his down line or referral.He gets a percentage of income made by his/her referral for lifetime.

In the rest of the article I will be mentioning on how to get direct referrals to any of your favorite PTC website. But these basic principles and methods can be used and replicated in any form of Affiliate Model of Marketing with some modification.

Before we start analysing all the available methods along with the merits and demerits of each methods, lets do a bit of Market analysis about the PTC industry.This analysis will help us to critically analyse all the various methods on how to get direct referrals to your favorite PTC. Hence you are not blindly following my ideas ,but you can critically analyse all the methods am going to describe and for that matter any new marketing ideas about PTC industry in future.

In fact if you can understand the market analysis you can even come up with your own marketing strategy and advertisement.

I have classified this into two steps

  • 1.Understand your product- the PTC industry
  • 2.Who are your potential customers.


1.Understanding your product- the PTC industry ?


Its imperative that you know your product before advertising it to others. Its a basic rule in marketing. The PTC industry has its positive and unique features.But it also has lots of drawbacks, especially highlighted by the high number of dropouts of the new members. Compared to other online marketing options available, PTC industry is considered as a low risk low income strategy. It is free to use and investment is totally optional.But off course in order to make any significant income you need to invest. But then there are some members making 100$ weekly without any investment doing only micro tasks on Clixsense and Neobux.

I have been working with the PTC industry for  nearly 3 years and now have realised that a particular trait is required to succeed in the PTC industry- persistence and patience!!. If you are reading this article , and are a member of a PTC website i can guess that you too have that unique quality. I am sure most people with this quality will ultimately succeed not only in internet marketing but also in life!!- my personal opinion.!!

Anyway before advertising the PTC industry to potential new customers , lets take at the unique features and drawbacks of the PTC industry.


                       Read more : What are PTC websites



Positive / Unique features of the PTC industry : 


a.Its free to join. Hence PTC industry is a good site for newbies to internet marketing. You can join here and join the forums of any PTC website and interact with old PTC members. This way a newbie to internet marketing can quickly learn the tricks of the market!!

b.Easy to work with. You get paid to Click advertisements.It is an industry where any one with basic computer knowledge can succeed.

c.Passive income. Once you have lots of referrals your income is mainly a continuous passive income from your down lines /referrals!!

d.Enormous earning potential.There are PTC members earning nearly 1000-2500$ monthly on PTC website like Neobux.


e..One of the best platform to begin your online journey .This is because , its free to join any PTC website. PTC websites have forums which allow you to interact and learn about your PTC website or even various strategies about internet marketing.

Hence an ideal place for newbies to internet marketing to learn and grow for free!!


Read more : Five reasons why all new internet marketers should join the PTC industry




Drawbacks of the PTC industry :


a.Minimal income for starters;

This is one of the chief reasons many new users are disappointed and leave the industry. The initial income for starters is just a few cents daily.It takes time before users start earning well.

b.Slow returns :

It takes a long time , usually about 2-3 years before a person starts making a significant income from PTC industry.

c.Fraudulent websites.

The PTC industry is filled with lots of fraudulent websites. So much so PayPal the leading Online Money transfer agent has stopped transaction with most PTC websites citing frauds and trust issues.

d.Daily activity required to continue earning : Members of PTC websites are required to log in daily and do some minimal tasks like clicking a set number of advertisements in order to earn from their referrals. This is true for most PTC websites. Hence this can be annoying for many users.

2.Who are  your potential customers and target them accordingly !!

So who are the potential customers for any PTC industry.

From analysis of the strengths and drawbacks of the PTC industry we get to understand that all PTC websites are free and investment is totally optional.with and are very simple to work.This makes the PTC industry an ideal platform for newbies to internet market to start internet marketing !! Also the slow returns calls for lots of patience and persistence before a person starts earning. Hence this explains the high fall out rate among PTC users.

All things put together, points to the ideal PTC customer as a young individual willing to work daily even with slow returns.Past experience  have shown that most PTC users come from young adults from third world countries. Perhaps the free to work model and the high dollar to local currency conversion in most third world countries   means that even a relatively low income in terms of dollars is ultimately a reasonable good income on conversion to local currency in most third world countries.

Hence if you want to promote your PTC website successfully , promote your websites among the third world countries. Also target the younger age group perhaps between 18-45 years of age.Also those youths looking for jobs make a good potential customers.


Image result for how to get direct referrals

How to get direct referrals to your PTC website ?

Lets take a comprehensive review of the various methods on how to get  direct referrals to any PTC website.I have used most of them but one or two I have not personally used but I will still mention them because these methods were found to be useful by some other PTC users.

Before we look at each methods independently, lets examine what a good  advertising or recruiting methods should have in order to capture potential  customers to any PTC website.

  • Ability to  target specific population : A good advert should allow you to target a specific population.As we have already seen, most PTC users come from third world countries. Hence a good PTC recruiting method should allow you to target these potential group.
  • Relatively cheap : This holds true for any advertising campaign. A cheaper cost allows you to reach more population and hence higher leads per campaign.
  • Highlight competitive advantage : Give reasons why a potential client should join any PTC industry.For this you should mention the uniqueness and strength of the PTC industry.
  • Include testimonials– How much people are earning from this PTC site. How much have you earned yourself.

This advert from neobux gives the amount I have already earned from Neobux.

  • Call for action : Your advertisement should include a call to action like Click here to sign up etc. This makes it easy for potential clients to join any PTC website.             The following pic is an example :

So now lets take a look at the different methods to get direct referrals.

1.Create a blog.                                                          


This is perhaps the best and most cost-effective method in getting direct and active referrals to your PTC website. I said this is the most cost-effective because once you have a good blog about your favorite PTC website, you can start getting lots of organic traffic to your website for free. This might not be the most effective though. But most of the other methods that are useful for getting direct referrals are very expensive.

But what qualities do you need to be able to create a good blog and bring lots of organic traffic- lots of hardwork and some smart marketing strategy to bring in traffic.

1.Good knowledge of the PTC industry : This is needed to write some really solid and original content which is the foundation of any good blog/website. Hence this method is not for someone new to the PTC industry.

2. Good knowledge of SEO

3.Paid webhosting and domain site– e.g Go daddy.com, blue host are good webs hosting sites. Cheap and user friendly.For my domian I am currently using Word-Press.I have found it very cheap and indeed very effective and user friendly.

4.Good and effective Marketing strategy to bring traffic to your website :It is said that in order to get good traffic to your website you need solid content and a very good marketing strategy. Some internet gurus will tell you that content is worth 25% and advertising is worth 75% in order to make your website visible

Besides once you have a good blog, you can monetize your website via Google ad-sense or other alternatives like media.net/Popup ads.com .Hence you can earn money and at the same time get referrals!! That is why I said this is the best method.

So lets see the advantages and disadvantages of this method :

Advantages :

  • Cheap and cost effective.
  • Excellent way to get active direct referrals
  • Ability to give ideas and guidance about the PTC industry to your new members through your blog.

Drawbacks :

  • You need to be a master of any art to write a blog.Same goes for PTC websites.Hence not for new users of PTC industry.
  • Needs hardwork and good knowledge of PTC industry and Marketing techniques.

Hence this method is not for everyone. It is for those who have worked in PTC industry for sometimes and have the skill to write a good blog and some marketing skill.

2.Advertise in PTC websites                                     

                    ADVERTISE IN PTC WEBSITES


Advertising your PTC website in other similar PTC website is another very effective way to get you lots of Direct referrals. In fact this might be the most effective method available. Everyday thousands of new users join the PTC industry. Neobux the leading PTC website registers almost 11,000-15,000 new members everyday. So if you can target this new members to your PTC website you can have lots of direct referrals.

The snapshot of Neobux given here shows that in the last 24 hours, 15,696 new members joined Neobux!!.

This is the most effective method of getting lots of direct referrals in my experience.

Advertising in other PTC websites makes lots of sense, since this group is already a target group. You already have members who are interested in working in the PTC industry. But remember that the old members must be already registered in most PTC websites. So your target are the new users only.

But this method is very expensive.

The only method that really works is to advertise as Fixed Advertisements. This advertisement gives you unlimited number of exposure for a fixed period of time say 12 hours or 24 hours or monthly. Hence any new member that registers to this PTC website can see your advertisement too.

From my experience there are only two types of PTC website that you should advertise ;

  • Old PTC websites with very high users everyday- neobux is an example.
  • New PTC websites; Advertising in New PTC websites is also a very good way to get lots of new direct referrals. Unlike Neobux, new PTC websites are also relatively cheaper. I have got lots of referrals to neobux using this method.

So if the PTC website that you are advertising is an old well established site like Neobux, advertise in  preferable  the new PTC websites, since most PTC members will be already familiar with Neobux already. However if the PTC website that you are advertising is a newer one you can advertise it in either other new PTC website or the established ones with high new user registration. Some PTC websites like MYFREESHARES.com are old PTC site but they dont have that many new users daily,Hence I don`t recommend such sites to get direct referrals.

Positive :

  • 1.Targeted population- Members of PTC  are already interested in the PTC industry.
  • 2.Target advertising is possible using filters.

Drawbacks ;

  • 1.Expensive : Advertising as Fixed advertisements on any PTC website is usually costly.
  • 2.Not able to interact with your referrals .Hence you are not able to guide them.

3.Classified ads :          

Image result for classified websites

Advertising in Classified ads websites is another exciting option to get lots of Direct referrals to your PTC website or for that matter any other business or product. Most online Classified ads are free.But there are a number of sites that offer both Paid and free services.Paid services offer you a defined number of ads posting for a particular price.

While looking for websites for Classified ads, there are some important consideration.

  • Firstly check whether the website is allowing to paste your url links. Most Classified websites do not allow you to post your url.
  • Secondly is it an indexed Classified ads.Advertising your links in indexed classified ads will not only give you direct referrals but act as important backlinks to your website and help improve your search engine ranking !!
  • Thirdly, the amount of traffic the Classified website is getting. The higher the traffic the higher your ads will be exposed.

Most classified websites are free. But some like Web Traffic Guidance offer only paid services.But their services are excellent.

The video below gives you a short tutorial on how to post your ads in any Classifed ads website.



My initial experience with classified ads websites was very frustrating.So much so I did not visit classified ads for a long time.The main reason for my frustration was that I was not aware that most Classified sites do not allow you to post your website url links. I just to the most popular classified websites locally available-OLX.com and Quickr.com and tried posting my ads , only to be rejected again and again. Only later would I realise that these websites do not allow posting our website url links.

I was so frustrated I gave up trying to use classified ads.I had limited success with classified ads but I still use them because  its free. And moreover I too get backlinks to my website.

Advantages :

  • 1.Free. Investment is totally optional.
  • 2.Large population reached because of high traffic in classified ads posting websites.
  • 3. Ability to reach targeted population by posting in the particular specified area ie internet money making business for PTC website ads.


1.Poor quality traffic .Like most free traffic , the traffic is low quality in most classified websites.Using the paid traffic is likely to bring better quality traffic but i honestly have not tried out yet.

The following is a list of Free classified ads websites that allow you to post your url link.











There are more classified  list.But you can try with the above list. Remember to update your ads regularly upon the expiry date.

I am sure you can get lots of direct referrals with these methods as well as lots of targeted traffic to your websites.

4.Use Traffic Exchange Websites.


Image result for traffic exchangewebsites


These methods allows you to get enormous exposure to your website. But don`t expect much in terms of getting leads or sign ups.Traffic exchanges work best if you have something unique or a product to sale.

If you are trying to get lots of direct  referrals to your website, traffic exchange sites are not the best place.

The only Traffic Exchange websites that helped me get lots of Direct referrals was the Traffic Monsoon Website.Unfortunately Traffic Monsoon scammed , and with it my hopes of getting Direct referrals from any Traffic exchange website.

Having said that, the best Traffic exchange website that is still active is EASYHITS4U.com.

Easyhits has more than 1 million members. So if you advertise your ads here lots of members are going to see your ads.

Some tips to advertising in Easyhits4u.


Do not use the banners and website that other members are already using .Due to overuse of the same ads either banner or website , new members are already saturated and  not many going to sign up if you show them the same ads again and again!!

For this I suggest you join the website called Referral Booster. They will make you custom made Banner ads for you according to your needs and requirements.Their prices are also very reasonable.

Click the pic to sign up on Referral Booster.

Image result for referral booster

You need to register with your website url in order to get your custom made Banners.

This will surely help you to be unique and stay ahead of the market.

2.Upgrade Membership gives you better services.

When you upgrade to Ultimate membership, your ads are going to be displayed first to new users.Hence you get the first opportunity to advertise your website to new users to Easyhits4u.com. Besides being an ultimate member you also get lots of free direct referrals.

3.Make use of the Splashpages.

So what are splash pages ?

Easyhits4u.com  allows you to make your own custom made webpages on their website.For standard and premium members you are allowed to have only 3 splash pages. The advantages of these splash pages is that unlike the standard webpages , you can advertise your PTC website or your own blog in a new and unique way.

Important guidelines while making splash pages>

  • i) Make your splash page colorful and attractive.
  • ii)Use few words,
  • iii)Include an action button .For example- Click here to join button.

Related image

There are two more methods which I want to mention even though I have not been able to really use them successfully. But some of my friends have used these methods to great effect with minimal expenditure.

1. Adhitz:


Adhitz is an advertising platform where advertisers and publishers work together for mutual benefits.That means you can register on adhitz as either an advertiser or a publisher looking to earn revenue from your website or blog.


Image result for adhitz banners and word ads


As an advertiser adhitz places your ads in various programs affiliated to them. Adhitz is started by the same admin who started Clixsense. Hence it is understood that clixsense support adhitz but Neobux does not allow adhitz ads. Adhitz work as pay per click (PPC)  model where you will be charged only when someone clicks your ad. Currently adhitz works with only banners and text ads. So only those who are interested in your PTC websites will click your ads.Hence these ads have high conversion ratio .

As a publisher, adhitz is one of the Google ad sense alternative. So you can place ads on your website and get paid whenever a person clicks on the ads placed on your website (CPC).

Unfortunately I was shocked and surprised when I tried registering on Adhitz that at the moment they are not allowing members from India to register.This came as a big disappointment. But then I will still recommend it to others who are able to register and use them. I have seen lots of good reviews about Adhitz.

2.Social Media advertising.


Image result for social media icons

This one is one area that holds lots of promise as ad advertising campaign. Just about every adult in all countries have a Facebook account. Hence the target population is really huge. But having said that I have limited success on Social media advertising so far.  I hope this will change.

Maybe I am not using the right tools or I have not yet mastered the technique of Facebook marketing. So far I have few Direct referrals from my Facebook marketing and most of them were not active. So this an area of challenge for me at the moment.

Having said that many PTC users have learnt the art of FB marketing and are getting lots of direct referrals. Therefore I thought its good to mention here.Who knows some of you who are reading this article are already using this method successfully.I am willing to take your help and suggestions .Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Apart from FB there are lots of other avenues like Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumbler and more.. This is an age where social media has connected all of us. We can use this connectivity to advertise ads and reach out to many potential customers.



I hope you found these various methods on how to get direct referrals to your PTC websites useful.

Give your comments and suggestions below.






Earn Money Playing online games on Neobux




Have you ever thought that you could earn money playing online games on neobux or any other internet website.

There have been a number of Mobile gaming sites that use to pay users for playing online games but most of them paid very little.

Till very recently making money by playing online games was more of a myth than reality. Although it is possible that few could have done so.But that`s one in a million!!

All that has changed now since the introduction of an amazing new platform on neobux that allows its members to earn money playing online games on neobux website !!.

Neobux is basically a PTC (Paid-To-Click) website. It is an advertisement website that pays its members for viewing promotional ads and videos. It is a multi-million dollar internet money making company boasting of an Alexa rank of 455 (June 2017) and membership estimated to be more than 20 million!! (approximate).


                                        Read here : Neobux – The King of PTC website.



The addition of these new platform is gonna make Neobux even more popular especially reaching to the younger population who are good at playing online games.That is not to say that many adults don`t play online games:  infact surveys have shown that many adults spent lots of hours playing online these games for leisure.

But now you can earn money playing online games on neobux, perhaps the same games you been playing before !!.

Can i earn playing online games on neobux from Mobile phone ?

This is a very relevant question.Because Neobux admin does not allow members to click using smartphones. But for playing online

games admin has said it is allowed.

Pic :neobux admin has said that we can play the neobux games on Mobile phone just like other Neobux offers.!!

Neobux does not allow its users to click their advertisements on Mobile phones since the admin is of the opinion that mobile phones uses small screen and hence the advertisements will not be seen clearly by the users.This will result in poor conversion rates for the advertisers.

How much can you earn playing online games on neobux ?

This feature was introduced by neobux only this week. in September 2017.But already some have already played more than 2000 games within 2 days of launching the platform.

So I would say that the earning potential is enormous. It is dependent on how much time you have and your dedication.Most of these games are easy and already popular to most internet users using laptop or computer.


Pic: Highest gamers in Neobux within 2 days of launch.

emevas 2,022
irris 1,863
alleks13 1,848
fabius363 1,828
anne0726 1,82


Hence if you are having some free time you could play regularly and if you can master this games you could be finishing 10-15 games per hour !! earning about 20-30 cents hourly.

The best part is that you can play these games when you are free and relaxing and having a break from work too!!

The current status says that you get paid 0.005$ for every game.

You should play each game for at least 2 minutes.

To earn points you don`t have to necessarily  win the game but you need to  either win the game or if you loose click on continue button after the end of the game.

Pic: Click the extreme right button.


Be careful though that you dont loose too many games.That shows your lack of interest in the games. Neobux terms says that they might block you from playing any games!!



So what games are available on Neobux.

Currently only simple ones are available. These include the most wel known and popular mobile and computer games :

1.Card games :   Spider Solitaire ,  Free Cell solitaire , Bridge, Addiction Solitaire and more.

2.Puzzle games : Sudoku,  Jigsaw, Tumble Tiles and more…

3.Arcade games : Trizzle, 5 Roll, Ice cream Blast.Bubble Boo

4.Strategy Games : Chess, Checkers, Mahjong Candy

5.Word Games : Daily crossword, Word search, Wordswipe.

So you can try a number of the games from the list. Keep playing the ones you are personally interested and good at.!!

These way you can complete more games and win more cash!!

So how is Neobux benefiting or earning from these games !!

The answer is simple- Advertisements.

They get paid for any clicks made on their website and they can even charge for the advertising space.

Remember Neobux has lots of members and therefore showing ads on their pages is a cheap way of reaching out to many users across the globe.

There are 3 important source of income for online game producers like Candy crash, Farmville, Clash Of Clans..Mine craft.

1.Selling the game its a one time payment. eg. Mine craft does this method.

2.Free in apps with various phones ; This is the most popular method.Most of these games come as Free apps along with smartphones. But you have to pay for upgrades to higher level and other extra features to continue playing the game!!

So ultimately these games are not free!!

3.Free to play but with lots of advertisement in between games.

This is to take advantage of the amazing amount of game time  adults are actually occupied.Hence showing ads in between the games is a way to reach to many game users!!

This is an amazing way to reach targeted individuals who are interested on online games!!

So how go about playing these online games on neobux.

Let me give you a step by step guide on how to earn money playing online games on neobux .

Step 1: Register on neobux. If you already have a Neobux account skip this and log in directly to your neobux account.

.Image result for neobux

Step 2 : Log in to your Neobux account. And click on the Games button.

Once you click on the games button you will see Play now  option as shown below.


Step 3: Click on any of your favorite games – Puzzles or card games.

I personally enjoy playing Card games because its very simple and I am already familiar with them.

Step 4: Once you finish the game remember to click on the

Continue button or submit button.

After that you can choose to play the same game again or other games as you wish.

If you click the Play again option then it is counted as a single session that means you will get paid for only one time even if you complete the same game many times.

Tips to earn money playing online games on neobux .

1.Choose games that are simple if you really want to have more game sessions and enhance your earnings.

I choose Spider solitaire because I know its a short game and I am already familiar with it.

2.Remember to complete each sessions separately by clicking on either the Complete button or submit button instead of play again button.

Playing the games again immediately will make it only a single session even if you play multiple times!!

3.Choose Games that you like and enjoy playing.

its ok to play and discover new games.But in order to really enjoy and earn money playing games on neobux, choose the ones you would have played even if you were not receiving cash!!.

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..

Neobux is more than a gaming website.

Neobux is the No.1 PTC (Paid-To-Click) website of the internet. It is primarily an advertisement website where members are paid for viewing advertisements .


                                    Read More : What are PTC websites.



Lets take a look at some few facts about Neobux – one of the leading internet Marketing website!!

Take a look at the following statistics: Currently Neobux boasts of some amazing statistics :

  • an Alexa rank of 545 as of June 2017 .!!! (An alexa rank below 1000 is considered a highly popular and highly visited website).
  • more than 20 million traffic per month
  • 30,000,000 advertisement visualizations daily.
  • About 11,000 new members join Neobux Daily !!!.
  • average of about 100,000 $ payment to members daily !!!
  • Neobux members is unknown since admin has kept that statistics secret. But definitely more than 20,00,000 members.

It is beyond doubt the most popular PTC website ever. The closest PTC website that comes anyway near to Neobux is Clixsense. Unfortunately , starting from 15th July 2017 Clixsense  will no longer be a PTC website. It is stopping the PTC part of its website and functioning as a site for micro-tasking and survey offers. That now leaves Neobux as the undisputed King of PTC.

How do you earn on neobux apart from Playing online games

As I mentioned above Neobux is more than a Online gaming website. There are a number of ways to get paid on NEOBUX including :

1.Clicking on Paid advertisement;

Here users are paid for clicking and watching promotional ads and videos.

The ads comes in different colour.

Remember to click the orange ads first because they have high value (0.01$0 compared to the other pink coloured ads which are valued at 0.001$.

On an average Standard members get four ads worth 0.01$ and 20-30 low value ads worth 0.001$. Upgraded members earn much more .

2.Earn by doing offers.

Neobux gives its users a lots of offers to boost their income.These include both mobile phone offers and survey offers and micro tasks. Micro tasks are called Mini-jobs on Neobux.

Earning by doing simple tasks given as Mini-jobs is an important way to boost your income. In order to do these tasks first register on Crowdflower tasks.

I have explained in detail on how to earn from micro tasks in another article.Kindly follow the link below.



                      Read more : Earn by micro tasking on Neobux and Clixsense.


3.Affiliate income ;

Neobux works on the affiliate model on Internet Marketing. That means you get a small percentage of the earnings made by your downline/referrals  ie those who join the neobux company as your downline.

In fact these is the main mode of earnings for most of neobux users.Those who are earning well on neobux are those who have lots of referrals.

Neobux offers two types of referrals

1.Direct referrals– these are the actual people who join neobux as your downline. Once a person joins your downline you get paid anything from 1-50% for life.time!!

2.Rented referrals: These are referrals whom you can rent them for a certain period for a period of time. Depending on your membership type you can rent a certain number of rented referrals.

In fact having lots of rented referrals and knowing how to manage them is the key to success on neobux.

So generally if you are a new member to neobux your income at the beginning will be very less maybe 0.10$ per day to start.So if you can earn playing online games on neobux you can boost your income considerably.

With patience and some strategy you can eventually start earning 100$-1000$ monthly!!

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..  

How much are neobux members earning.

There a lot of older neobux members on Neobux who are earning more than 1000$ monthly.

Lets take a look at some of these high earning members.

regenn666 is a neobux member form Greece.He currently earns about 2500$ monthly.He does it by having lots and lots of Rented referrals.

Magnex5674  is another member from England who earns roughly about 1000$ monthly from Neobux.He has so far withdrawn $113,550.30 from Neobux.


But remember that your earnings will be slow to start with.Few cents per day to start.But with persistence and some smart strategy anyone can earn well on neobux.

How do I get paid from neobux.

Previously Neobux use to trade with Paypal. But unfortunately Paypal has stopped working with Neobux.

So there are still other means to withdraw your earnings by using any of the following Money transfer agents.



  1. Neteller


I use Payza. It is currently the best Paypal alternative.

Click the link below to register on Payza. It works well with both SBI, HDFC and ICICI Banks.



…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..
How to receive payments from payza.

In order to receive money from Neobux via payza you need to first register in Payza and link your Bank account to payza.

1.Click the above link to register to Payza.

2.Login to your account.Remember to record your login id -your mail id and password in a place you can remember.

3.Before registering you will need the following numbers, which are available with your passbook.

so keep your bank passbook with you.




4.Link  your bank account and Debit Card to Payza.

Open your payza homepage and click on the option-  Wallet

Then go to Add Bank Account.

From the drop down list select your country location.

Indicate whether you want to use for bank transfers of wire (I use Bank transfers-it is easier and faster and more convenient)

provide the following details;

Currency preference

Bank Account type.

Sort /Bank Code- used to identify Banks across the world

IBAN: the International Bank Account Number that uniquely identifies your bank account. The IBAN consist of an alphabetical country code, followed by two check digits and up to thirty one alphanumeric characters.

SWIFT BIC: a code used to identify your financial institution.

Your bank account number: the number associated with your bank account.

Your institution and branch number

6.Under ‘Beneficiary Information’, enter your own personal details associated with the bank account

7.Review your bank account details and confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
8. If you need to change something, click ‘Previous’ to go back. If everything is correct, you can click ‘Add Bank Account’.

If your bank account is located within Canada, Payza will make 2 micro deposits (each deposit will be under $0.15 USD) to your bank account within 6 business days. Once you have confirmed the receipt of the micro-deposits, you will be able to move money between your Payza account and bank account at the click of a button.

If your bank account is located outside of Canada, you will be able to perform bank transfers and wires as soon as you click “Finish”. Once initiated, you will need to contact your bank to complete the transaction.

Once you have added and confirmed your bank account, you’ll also be able to use the ‘Send Funds by bank transfer’ option! This lets you easily send money online  without the need to first create a separate Add Funds transaction to load up your Payza account.

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..


I hope this article was useful.

I am of the opinion that the addition of online games could rejuvenate the PTC industry which was severely affected by the withdrawal of paypal from most PTC websites.


Earn a second income with your smartphone



Related imageEarn with smartphone by doing simple tasks

Do you know that you can earn with smartphone by doing simple tasks online? In fact many youngsters across the globe are earning a reasonably good second income by using their smartphones to good use.

What skills do I need to earn with smartphone ?

You dont need to have lots of skills. You just need basic computing skills like filling up forms, answering basic questions about everyday life events and have the will  to learn!!

Hence anyone having a smartphone and college education can earn a reasonably good second income.

What are the ways one can earn with smartphone ?

Well there are a number of ways. But I just want to mention a few of the most common and trusted methods that many internet marketers are using.

i)Get Paid for viewing promotional ads and videos.

ii)Get paid for doing surveys online

iii)Earn by doing simple tasks (Micro tasking)

iv)Earn by playing Mobile games.

v)Earn with Mobile apps.

Before going to the details about each of the above methods , let me share with you about how much you can earn from these websites that I am working.



How much can I earn ?

Initially not much really to start with.You will be earning only few cents daily -just enough to pay your monthly phone bills, and a few pocket money. But with  persistence and some smart marketing technique you can earn a reasonable good second income. If you are willing to invest your time and make a reasonably good investment you too can earn 1000-2000$ monthly in the long run!!!

Remember to visit the Forum page of these PTC websites  and see for yourself how much others are earning !! You can even interact with them and earn from them- their strategy and current earning status!!

How much am I earning from these websites?

Take a look at my earnings from a few websites am currently working. I am currently working on  a type of internet business  websites called the Paid To Click (PTC) Websites.

Given below is my account details on MYFREESHARES.COM one of my favorite PTC website.

I am currently earning about 1.1 $ daily from Myfreeshares.com.

I have so far earned about 250 $ in MYFREESHARES.COM.



And here is my account statement from another website called CLIXSENSE.

I have so far earned 454.76$ and I have already withdrawn 315.27$ (payouts) so far from Clixsense. My current Balance is 62.82$.

today $0.40 yesterday $0.4120
month $10.0150 last month $10.0501
year $99.8555 last year $217.0744
total $454.7699
Movements payouts $315.27   fundings $0.00

purchases $76.67

Balance $62.8299   Cashout


I am working on another website called Neobux, but for that you need to use your laptop or computer.

My account statement is given in the pic below:

If you are using a computer and you are interested you can read more about Neobux : (For more details about Neobux :  CLICK HERE ).

click here to visit the Neobux website

Image result for neobux


Earn with smartphone...

Lets see in details about each methods I have already mentioned.

I. Get paid for watching promotional ads and videos.

There are lots of advertisement websites today that will pay members for viewing ads on there webpages. These include simply clicking and reading an advertisement or watching some promotional videos.

PTC (Paid To Click) Websites are the most common example of this type of business model. Here on PTC websites, members are paid for clicking and viewing ads. Hence they are primarily advertisement websites.

So in order to earn from these websites you just need to register and click ads daily.




The most popular websites are namely :




Neobux is regarded as the King of PTC , but unfortunately you can only access Neobux using Laptop or computer.



Read More : Neobux the King of PTC.


Pic : The pic below shows a typical ad on a PTC website called Neobux. You have to click on view advertisement page and click on the ads and get paid.


The pic below shows the paid ads from another website called MYFREESHARES.COM.

You can see a  number of ads showing 0.5 cents, 0.25 cents and some 0.1 cents. This is the amount you will be paid for viewing these ads.



So PTC websites are very simple way to earn some few dollars daily. But one has to be active daily on these websites in order to earn everyday.


            Read More : What are  PTC websites


Lets see each of these websites in detail:


This is a unique PTC website. Here you have to buy shares. Everyday a small fraction of your shares (0.15%) gets converted to cash.

Income on Myfreeshares.com comes from 3 source :

1.Passive income : from conversion of shares to cash ( Everyday 0.15% of your total shares gets converted to $).

2.Income from Paid ads : currently i get about 0.20$ from ads since I am golden member.

3.Income from Direct referrals.

Pic : below shows my daily income from shares conversion to cash.I have about 3500 shares in my account at present.

Am currently earning about 0.83$ from my 3500 shares. Remember this is a passive income.Once I have bought the shares, they automatically convert to shares daily!!

The pic shows my daily paid advertisements bearing 0.5 cents  i.e I get 0.5 cents and 0.25 cents.

Read more : for more information about  Myfreeshares.com


Click here to  Register on : MYFREESHARES.COM


2.SCARLET-CLICKS: The new QUEEN of PTC industry.

SCARLET-CLICKS is another trusted PTC website which was launched in 2009. It is now the best PTC website among the recently launched PTC website.

How Much am I earning from Scarlet Clicks.

Since the exit of Clixsense from the PTC industry, Scarlet-Clicks has emerged as the Queen of PTC industry. Scarlet-Clicks have been paying its members regularly since 2009. Many consider it as one of the best PTC as of 2017.

I am a Yearly Silver member on Scarlet-Clicks. I have 65 Rented Referrals and currently earns about 0.45 $ daily.

Below is a pic of my advertisement page of Scarlet clicks. In order to earn a good income on Scarlet-Clicks one has to upgrade because as a standard member, income opportunities are very limited.

Read more : Scarlet-Clicks the Best PTC of 2017.

Earn with smartphone….

II.Get paid for doing survey offers online.

Do you know that you can make a good income by simply sharing your views and opinions ?

Why would anyone pay you for simply sharing your views and opinions!!

In today`s competitive world major companies rely on customer feedback to help them design the products and even get feedback on already available items. From designing clothes to cars, from manufacturing food items to toys – major companies depend on the feedback information so that they can  design products to meet the demands of the general or target population.

It would be a great loss to a company to design a costly car with lots of new gadgets only to realise after launching the car that afterall the general population are not interested in their new gadgets !! So to avoid that they will design a study where they will ask the potential car customers what new gadgets they will like or appreciate !!

They feedback the get from potential customer is a very, very valuable information!! Its worth gold dust!!. So these companies are willing to pay you a small amount of cash for spending your time answering their queries carefully and truthfully.

Hence its a win-win situation. The user gets incentive for expressing his views and the company gets a very useful information!!

There are a number of websites that act as an intermediate between these companies and customers. They collect all the survey offers and make them available to potential customers or users.

Every time a user completes a survey successfully, these websites charge a small service fee for making these surveys available to the customer!!

So which are the websites that has the best survey offers?

Here are a few websites where you can register for free and earn a reasonably good income.



  1. Toluna.com

  2. Samplicious.com

  3. Mysurveys.com


My favorite survey offer website is the CLIXSENSE.



Clixsense gives you access to multiple survey websites. In fact by joining Clixsense, you can access to the survey offers available on other websites like Toluna.com  ans Samplicious.com . Hence Clixsense is a multi-portal website.

By a single account on Clixsense you can access to many offers available on multiple websites!!!

Read more : Clixsense the website with the best survey offers.

Clixsense is more than a Survey website!!

Clixsense has more to offer than just surveys!! its is one of the best website for micro tasking. Along with Neobux , Clixsense offers you an amazing opportunity to earn from micro tasking by registering on a website called Crowdflower tasks.

Learn more about micro tasking in the section below on micro tasking.

Read More :  Earn a second income by doing simple tasks online (Micro tasking)

Earn with smartphone ….

III. Get paid for doing simple tasks online (Micro-tasks)

What are micro tasks ?

These refer to simple tasks such as filling up forms, filling up phone numbers and e mails on a given form, clothing categorization, analysing twitter and Facebook comments etc.

So who is paying you for doing these tasks ?

In the face of rising cost of manual labour, many online / Internet/ technology related  companies have found a new a new work force – the Online Workers.

Online workers refer to ordinary people looking for a second income by working temporarily on the internet through some reliable Micro tasking companies.

These company pay these workers to do the job of a secretary for a few cents or dollars. This is again a win-win situation. The company gets their manual work get done without having the headache of employing a person, and the online worker gets rewarded for his/her time spent on doing simple tasks !!

Where can I get these micro tasks ?

There a number of websites currently available. But I am going to tell you that which I am familiar with:

  1. Crowdflower tasks

2.Amazon mechanical Turks

Crowdflower tasks

Crowdflower tasks is one of the most reliable crowd funding agents currently available in the internet.They act as an intermediate between the job seekers- usually an online worker and the job providers- the internet companies that provides the tasks and also pays the fees.

I am not sure if you can register directly at Crowd flower tasks, but I am working on Crowdflower tasks through two of my favorite PTC websites- neobux and Clixsense. com.

So in order to work on crowdflower first register either on Neobux or Clixsense.

On Neobux, these Micro tasks are called Mini- jobs , while on Clixsense they are called Tasks.

Neobux : Mini-jobs are given under the Offers column.

CLIXSENSE: Micro tasks are called Tasks.


                 Read More : Earn from micro tasking on Crow-flower tasks.



So how much can one earn from micro tasks ?

Well it is totally dependent on how much time you willing to spent doing these tasks. it also depends on the accuracy of your tasks. If you are very accurate with your tasks you will get a higher level and get more opportunities to earn more from these tasks.

The pic below is a snapshot of tasks done by members on Crowdflower tasks  via Clixsense. Some members have done about 156,180 tasks !!. We can only guess how much they have earned since the earning vary from each tasks but I can easily imagine 1000 tasks can easily earn you 500$.

Some members have done about 156,000 tasks. On an average doing 10000 task can easily earn you 500 $. So with the Bonuses available on Clixsense some members could have easily earned more than 5000$ simply from these tasks without including bonuses.


Amazon Mechanical Turks is a marketplace that require a human intelligence.

On amazon, micro tasks are called HIT (Human Intelligence tasks). These tasks include doing simple things like commenting on a picture fro 0.1$, filling up some details in a form for 0.02$ or completing a simple survey for 0.10$.

So the income for each tasks is small, but if you can do these tasks for an hour you can easily earn 10$ per hour with some experience.

To be honest my experience with Amazon Mechanical Turks is limited.

There is a reason why am not really interested in Amazon Turks and HIT. Thereis no affiliate income on Amazon. That is you dont earn anything from your down-line. Hence no passive income. That s the main reason why I am not active on Amazon Turks.

I want to work in a business that allows me to have a Passive Income. I dont mind putting lots of efforts at the start of any business venture, but once I am well established I want passive income!!

But those who have time and are willing to try out, I encourage you to click the link below.Who knows this might work for you.


Remember to register as a WORKER.


Until few days ago, there was no good website where one could earn well by playing online games. In fact when I first wrote this article there was none. I had to comeback and make correction to my blog because now there is actually one website called NEOBUX.

On 11th September 2-017, Neobux officially launched a new platform for its users to earn money- get paid for playing online games!!.WOW. This is a big news. Just imagine getting paid for playing your favorite Card games- like Spider Solitaire, Free Cell Solitaire and lots of other games like Sudoku etc..in fact there are multiple types of games.

But think about it, if you are really good at playing mobile games. You get paid for playing Mobile games for free!!

So how much are you getting Paid for playing online games on neobux?

So Neobux is paying 0.005$ per every game session.As per direction we can earn money either by winning or loosing the match as long as you press the Continue button or next button after finishing the match.


This might not seem a lot, but since most games are easy you can earn nearly 1-2 dollars per hour once you are well versed with the games.

I personally prefer the card games esp. Spider Solitaire .It is a game most of us are familiar with from before.

So how does Neobux earn from these games ?

Advertisement space !!


Yes advertisers pay for showing their ads.These ads are shown before each game or inbetween the games and also in the webpage space.

Given the enormous amount of time adult users spent on playing games, these is a good strategy to advertise to a large audience!!

I believe adding these games could really help Neobux grow as an Online Internet Money making programme.This could reach to the younger population especially!!

How do mobile games producers earn money ?

There are 3 important source of income for game producers like Candy crash, Farmville, Clash Of Clans..Mine craft.

1.Selling the game its a one time payment. eg. Mine craft.

2.Free in apps with various phones ; This is the most popular method.Most of these games come as Free apps along with smartphones. But you have to pay for upgrades to higher level and other extra features to continue playing the game!!

3.Free to play but with lots of advertisement in between games.

This is to take advantage of the amazing amount of game time  adults are actually occupied.Hence showing ads in between the games is a way to reach to many game users!!

So we see that, mobile game owners dont really gain by asking to play their games.Moreover at the moment, there is no really good mobile games where you can put money and earn well. Such games do exist but not so popular at present.Or maybe it is there but I am not aware of since am not much of a mobile gamer myself!!

So in short there is not much to earn from playing mobile games at present.

Having said that here are some few sites that actually pay you for playing games:

1. Clixsense :

Clixsense has lots of mobile offers including mobile apps and mobile games.



I have won only few cents till date, since the level they have kept are not easy to achieve. But if you are good at mobile games try it out!!


Neobux has recently launched mobile games offers in fact till now its going on as a trial version.In a few months they are going to make it official.

Hence this is also another excellent opportunity to enhance your earnings.

3. Swagbucks :

Swagbucks is another amazing site currently popular in the US. Here you can earn SB points which can be later changed to points or mobile offers etc. Unfortunately many of these offers and exchange offers are not available in India. Hence Swagbucks is not for Indian users at present.

4.Mobile games that pay. Here are some mobile games that you can download and get paid to play.

Second life

Entropia Universe

Teamfortress 2 (TF2).

I personally have not played any of them but some users are earning a good income from these games.



There are a number of mobile apps that you can download for free and earn few cash by completing certain tasks or offers with these apps.

Lets take a look at the most popular paying apps.

1.Gymn-Pact :

These apps is for those who are health conscious. This apps rewards you for doing certain fitness tasks .You will have to agree to perform certain tasks as you register and get rewarded for keeping them. if you fail to keep them you will be fined a few cents/dollars.

So with this app you are rewarded for staying healthy and fit!!

This is one mobile app I personally recommend to all users.

2. Gigwalk :

This is a mobile apps that you can download for free. These is a really popular in the United states. In fact this offer is only available in the US.

If you sign up to be a Gig walker , you’ll get the opportunity to do little odd jobs, or “gigs”. These jobs might consist of taking pictures of different businesses, downloading and trying out different apps, and answering consumer research questions.

Gig walk is already featured in the leading news channels and TV programmes like the CNN and  Fox tv and Hunting post .

Besides these there are lots of mobile apps that actually pay you and one can earn .But most of these are not available in INDIA and hence I have no working experience. I hope the scenario will change in the coming few years, since India is such a big market .

If any of my readers are aware of any good apps that pay You are welcome to mention in the comments section.

I hope this article on how  to earn with smartphone was useful. There are many more ways with which one can earn with smartphone .It took a long time for me to complete this one.





I am expecting a lots of new insights and suggestions for this one from my readers. And am happy to be corrected.

Thanks again!!



Tips to new PTC members


Are you new to the PTC industry ? Have you recently joined a new PTC website!! Here are few important tips  to new PTC members to help you succeed!!

Paid To Click Websites are one of the simplest Online income opportunities. These sites work on a simple concept- get paid for viewing ads . So they are actually advertisement websites!!.

But most PTC websites have more to offer than just paid ads or promotional videos!! There are additional earning opportunities to boost your income like doing micro tasks, survey offers and hundreds of mobile offers where you can use your smartphone to earn cash.



But many users on PTC websites discontinue after joining these websites. On average PTC websites have nearly 80% dropouts after a month of joining these websites. But from the 20% who persists and continue on these websites some do actually make good income-Some as much as 2500$/month as shown in the image below.

So here are FIVE important tips to new  PTC members

1.Be patient.

2.Click ads daily

3.Be active in Forum

4.Invest wisely


1.Be Patient

Paid To Click (PTC) websites are not get rich overnight schemes. Earning well in PTC industry takes time. Even those who  invest lots of money takes at least 3-6 months before one can expect to get a reasonable income.

Many new PTC members become frustrated after seeing low income for the first few months after working on PTC websites. Hence they stopped clicking and give up. These is the most important reason for high dropouts from many PTC websites.

If you see the high earning members on any PTC websites are those who have been around for many years , maybe more than 5-6 years working patiently on the same website.

For me this is the key to success on any PTC website- Patience.

So why does it take so long to earn a good income from PTC website ?

The answer lies in the business model of the PTC industry – The Affiliate marketing Model.

The key component of any Affiliate marketing model are Referrals.

Referrals are the members who join the business/PTC website as your downline. That means you have introduced these members to the PTC websites either in person or through advertisements.

In order to earn a good income you need to have lots of referrals. Hundreds of them.These takes time and some smart strategy. This is the reason why earning a good income from PTC websites takes some time.

Some PTC websites like Neobux and Scarlet-clicks allows you to rent referrals for a period of time .These are called Rented Referrals. But they are costly.And to have a good income from rented referrals you need to invest lots of cash maybe up to 500-1000$ and also know how to manage them.

Many new members in Neobux have invested huge amount of money renting lots of rented referrals without knowing how to manage them and ended up loosing all their invested cash!! These are the members who are called Neobux a scam, whereas the fact is that they have not understood the business model.

But with patience and persistence you can slowly turn your income from few cents to few dollars daily to even 1000$ monthly..


PTC websites reward you for being active daily on their websites. So if you are not active daily, you will not only forfeit your income but also the income from your referrals.

So it is good to have set a time everyday for viewing the ads at a particular time. This usually takes around 8-10 minutes for each PTC website.

Also remember that the value of ads are not all the same.

If you see the Neobux page, you will see ads with different colours  having different values and different names.

The high value ads are called Fixed Advertisements and have  0.01$ per ads  and are orange in colour . In order to qualify to earn from your referrals you must click all the orange colour ads daily.

The Pink and green or sometimes blue ads have different values ranging from (0.001 $ (pink ads) to  0.02$ (blue ads).

Hence you must  first click the high value orange ads for two reasons:

  1. firstly these orange ads gives you higher income (0.01$).
  2. you need to click them in order to earn from your referrals.

It is advisable to click all available ads especially for new members.Apart from cash each ad also give you a neopoint, which can later be used to convert to cash or to extend your Golden membership.

3.Be active in the Forum

All reliable PTC websites have a Forum page.

On the Forum page, members of a particular PTC websites can discuss their statistics and strategies. Some members are also willing to share their account information and income details. Hence for a new member these information are very helpful in understanding how a particular PTC functions and learn from the senior members of the same PTC site.

These Forum pages are an important source of information for all members of PTC websites. I too have been an active member of the Neobux forum and have learned a lot by interacting with senior members of the PTC industry.

Like what E-toro claims, you too can copy what successful Neobux members have done in order to succeed!!!

The Above pic shows the Neobux forum page. I will especially recommend new users of Neobux to visit the Members are and go through two important pages :

  • Your stats
  • Your Success stories

In the above pages, you will see details of how Older Neobux members are doing, how much they are earning and above all, you can see what strategy they are using!!!!

The forum page is in fact a source of enormous wealth of information related to any PTC website.

So after joining Neobux, you need to be active for 15 days before you can make any comments on the forum page.

I therefore recommend all new users on any PTC website, not just Neobux, to be active in forum and interact with other members.

4.Invest Wisely.

Even though it is true that investment is totally optional in any PTC website, one needs to invest in order to make a significant income from them.

The saying    No pain no gain and No Risk no gain  holds true to any business .PTC industry is no different.

It is not advisable to invest in any PTC website in the beginning. I strongly recommend against early investing. I say these for the following reasons:

  • there are many fraudulent PTC websites. Invest only once you are sure that the PTC website is reliable.For these you need to do some personal investigation and find out more about that particular website.
  • You can loose all your investment.These is true for any PTC more so for Bux Model sites like Neobux or Probux, where many users randomly invest cash buying lots of rented referrals without knowing how to manage them.

Investment is necessary but do it after you are familiar with the website. It is advisable  to upgrade your membership after 2-3 months of being an active member of any PTC website. Upgrading your membership makes sense because it enhances your earning potential from any PTC website. If you are going to have any significant income from Bux websites like Neobux you also need to invest money renting referrals carefully.

5.Have a strategy.

These is the last of my tips but not the least of them.

In order to succeed in any business venture, have a plan to work.

For these first study and understand in detail how affiliate marketing business works. Basically you need to have lots of referrals .

Image result for affiliate marketing downline

Hence invest your time and energy trying to get lots of referrals/downline.

In Bux model PTC websites like Neobux, Probux, Scarlet-clicks you can invest in rented referrals. In fact the highest earners in Neobux have huge amount of rented referrals- some have nearly 50,000 Rented Referrals.

So here are some important details you should include in your strategy making :

  • i) When to Upgrade your membership : I would say about 1-3 months of joining any PTC website. In Bux model websites like Neobux, Scarlet Clicks upgrading membership is a bit costly- 90 $ for Golden Membership in Neobux and 50 $ for yearly silver membership on Scarlet-clicks.
  • ii) Invest your time looking for Referrals/ Downline : For these I advise to seek the advise of older members of any PTC websites.  They will be the major source of your income in any PTC website.
  • iii) Invest in Rented referrals and learnt how to manage them  profitably. This is the key to success in any Bux model websites like Neobux, Scarlet-clicks and Buxp . Therefore again interact with older members in the Forum page and learnt from them. I have learnt a lot form senior members of Neobux on this subject.

I hope this tips to new PTC members was useful.All your comments and suggestions are welcome. I can even answer your doubts if you are a new member of a PTC website.





Five reasons why you should register to Paid to click (PTC ) Websites.


Paid To Click (PTC) Websites offer a Unique  form of online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home.Today on this article lets take a look at five good reasons to work on PTC websites as an internet earning opportunity.

PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

So in simple terms, PTC website are advertisement websites where users are paid for viewing ads !!

I have been working on PTC websites since December 2014, earning a good second income. I am currently active in four PTC websites- Neobux, Clixsense, Myfreeshares.com and Scarletsclicks.com.

I have earned about 450$ on clixsense and nearly 3000$ on neobux and 100$ from Myfreeshares.com- that`s my income from 2 and half years working online. So this is only  a second income.i too have my job, as a medical profession which is my main income.

I have recently joined ScarletClicks , so I have not made any significant earnings from this site yet. That`s the drawback of PTC business- income is slow in the beginning. But I am sure with time I will start earning soon!!



Read More : What are PTC websites!

So lets go to my –Five good reasons to work on PTC websites

Number 1: Its FREE to join any PTC websites !!

So does it matter ? So what ?

Yes it does matter. There are so many online business model  currently available on the internet. Online users and Internet Marketers have now realised that each model is unique and requires different sets of skill and strategy !!

Not all kinds of Online business model is suitable for all internet marketers. Hence a free registration and free membership gives you the freedom to try any particular model and see if this one works for you.

All PTC websites are currently FREE to register and investment is totally optional. Off course it does not need any explanation to say that if you have to make a significant income you have to invest some cash ultimately. That`s simple logic.

But yes, all PTC websites are free to register.

Number 2: Ease of working on PTC websites.

This is very important for those who are new to Internet marketing. Newbies are often confounded by lots of new terms and many are tempted to think that these are only for the techno savy individuals.

To work on PTC websites , one need only a basic computer knowledge. You will be required to register on a webpage- requires only name , address and email for registration. The video on the link  below gives you in detail how to register on Neobux-the best PTC at the moment.

Click here : How to register on Neobux.

However in order to withdraw money, you need to have an account in one of the internationally accepted money transfer agent like paypal or payza. This again is a simple step requiring to connect your bank account details to the paypal/payza account.

The video below gives you in simple detail, how to open a paypal account.

Hence I would recommend working on PTC websites especially if you are new to internet marketing. Joining a free business model like PTC gives you the time you need to get familiarized with the world of internet marketing . This gives you a good platform to slowly understand any internet market techniques!!

So if you are a newbie to internet marketing, PTC model is for you- you earn some cash while you also learn a lot about internet marketing!!

Number 3: Passive Income 

The PTC industry is based on the affiliate model of internet marketing .

The key component of affiliate marketing is Referrals. Referrals are those members who join the business under you. Whenever these members earn money you get a fraction of their income- anything ranging from 10-100% depending on the PTC website and your membership level.

Hence if you have lots of referrals working under you, you can get a lot of money. And these affiliate income is purely passive, you dont have to do much to earn from your referrals- usually most PTC websites require that you click few ads  inorder for you to earn from your referrals.

This is the beauty of affiliate marketing !!

So at the start of your PTC journey you have to invest time and resources trying to get lots of referrals. Referrals are the key to your success in any affiliate marketing business model like PTC websites.

Perhaps this is the best reason why you should consider working on PTC websites!!.

Read More : The Best PTC websites of 2017.

Number 4: Enormous income potential.

This is another one of the very solid reasons to work on PTC websites.

Income on any PTC websites is based on two factors mainly.

i)Number of referrals- since PTC websites are a type of affiliate marketing.

ii)Offers available- Most PTC websites gives lots of offers including mobile offers and survey offers and micro-tasking  options to boost your income. This offers are a good way to boost your income. Some members on clixsense and Neobux  are earning nearly 500$ weekly by just doing micro tasks on these websites.

The above pic shows how much Clixsense members are earning from tasks.Some members have done nearly 156,000 tasks on clixsense- easily this member would have earned more than 5000$ from tasks!!

Lets take a look at how much some members are earning on Neobux, often considered the king of all PTC websites due to its enormous earning potential.








The above snap shows the monthly income of a leading Neobux member- reggen666 from Greece. He earns a whooping 2500$ monthly from Neobux !!

Another member from England, called magnet5674 earns about 50$ daily!! So far eh has withdrawn about $113,550.30 from Neobux!!

It is for this enormous earning potential that Neobux is often considered the King of PTC websites .

Image result for neobux

Five reasons to work on PTC websites………

Number 5: One of the Best platform to start your online journey!!

Having looked at the various reasons to work on PTC websites, I am convinced that the PTC industry is one of the best business models for a newbie to the  internet marketing world. I say that because its free to join any PTC websites and you can learnt a lot by interacting with other members.

The Forum page of any PTC website is a source of enormous knowledge especially for  a newbie. I have been an active member of the Neobux forum and I have learned a lot by interacting with others. Like  what E-toro claim, I too can copy what successful PTC members are already doing!!

So these are my five top reasons to work on PTC websites.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!!


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