A detailed review of Optimalbux

Optimalbux -The Best Rev.Share PTC ever : A detailed review


Optimalbux is the latest PTC website to hit the PTC industry.Lets do a review  of this new and exciting PTC  advertising and revenue sharing website from the owners of Scarletclicks and GPTplanet.

Hello everyone, i am John Kiks, an internet marketer from India. I have been working in the Internet for the past 3 years with special interest on the PTC industry  and blogging.

Today I am going to do a detailed review of the latest PTC advertising and  revenue share website – the Optimalbux.

Who are the owners of OPtimalbux ?

Optimalbux was launched by  Dimitrios Kornelatos of Greece,  the owner of Scarletclicks and GPT planet.


The picture above shows the announcement of the launch of OPtimalbux by the owners , on the Scarletclicks website.

Hence we know that the owner of Optimalbux is reliable and trustworthy. Dimitrios has proven his honesty and trustworthiness by paying his clients on both Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

The other thing I like about Dimitrios and the co-owners of Scarletclicks /GPT Planet is that they allow you to express your frustration and anger in their forums. This is so refreshingly different from some of the owners of well known PTC website like Neobux and Clixsense. In fact Neobux banned from for 3 month from their forum page for expressing my opinion that my rented referral clicks has decreased after paypal has stopped interacting with neobux!!!! I find that so gross.But a visit to Scarletclicks forum page you will see that the owners don`t mind allowing people to express their  personal opinions even if they are not positive about them.

That`s something I really appreciate about Dimitrios and his colleagues.

Hence knowing the admin of Optimalbux being a reliable person I am sure , this is not going to scam.


                                                                 Click here to visit Optimalbux.com


What is Optimalbux about?

Optimalbux is a PTC advertising cum Revenue sharing website. Hence it is not just a PTC website.The Revenue sharing model allows you to invest money and quickly grow your business.

The previously popular website that took the advertising industry by storm, the TrafficMonsoon was also a Revenue Sharing model. I am sure Optimalbux is going to be a big hit in the next year or so !! The big difference between Optimalbux and TrafficMonsoon is off course the admin.Charles Scoville the owner of TrafficMonsoon was already a serial scammer, cheating and looting his clients even before launching TrafficMonsoon. Therefore it was no surprise, his latest project ended as a scam. On the other hand  Dimitrios and his colleagues  have already established themselves as a trusted owner over the past 10 years.

Optimalbux was launched in January 2018. It has already seen lots of new members joining because of the trustworthiness of its admin.





What are the various way to earn on Optimalbux?


Optimalbux offers you a number of ways to earn money. These include;

i)View advertisements

ii)Paid to signup offers



v)Affiliate Income from referrals- direct and rented referrals.

i)View advertisements :

Just like any PTC(Paid To Click) website, Optimalbux offers you a number of paid ads to click and earn cash. The number of ads is again determined by the type of membership.

Standard members have about 26 ads daily, of which 12 ads are fixed ads worth 0.001$.

Upgraded members have higher number of ads, including premium ads each worth 0.01 $ just like Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

So as a standard member your income from ads is only about 0.02 $ daily.

ii)Paid to sign up offers :

These offers give you cash for signing up on various websites.You can earn about 0.05$ per each sign ups.


This is the exciting part of Optimalbux- the revenue sharing income.

Each adpack cost you 10$.

So what do you get from each adpack?

Each adpack costs 10$ and gives you the following benefits:

  • 100 PTC credits
  • 1000 Banner Credits
  • 120% returns on investment ie 12$.
  • Daily returns of 0.5-1% (ie 0.06-0.12 $ daily)

The total revenue generated is 120% of your investment ie 12$. Hence you get 2 $ income  for every 10$ you invested.

If the return is 0.5% daily, it will take 200 days for the full 12 $. Seems a bit slow, but it is a realistic. After all there is nothing as get- rich overnight schemes.

The other positive aspect of this revenue sharing model is that, your income generated is added automatically to your account. This is unlike the TrafficMonsoon model where you have to click on paid ads to earn your revenue share income.

But off course you need to click atleast 4 ads inorder to earn from your adpacks.

The number of adpacks you can buy is dependent on your membership type. Standard members can have a maximum of 100 active shares, but upgraded members can have upto 5000 active shares!!


The grid is also unique. You get paid for every click. And on the 10th click you always get a bonus.!!

As a standard member you only get 10 clicks daily.

The above pic shows the bonus of 100 banner credits i received today.

v)Affiliate income :

Optimalbux offers amazing affiliate income of upto 100% from referrals.

These include income from both Direct and Rented referrals.

The income form Direct referrals range from 50% (Standard members)  to 100%  (all upgraded members) depending on your membership type.

The income from rented referrals range from 0.0005$ per click (standard members) to 0.001$ per click (all upgraded members)

This is very much like that of Scarletclicks and GPT planet.

The slight difference is that there is a cap on the number of direct referrals.Standard members can maximum 100 DR , whereas Diamond members can have unlimited DR.

The picture above shows the various types of memberships and their features.

So how is Optimalbux different from the other Revenue sharing schemes or programs?

There is a number of difference that sets Optimalbux apart from any other Revenue share programmes. Most of the Revenue sharing programmes in the recent past have all scammed !! This is because most of them are unsustainable.They are too good to believe.

Lets see how Revenue Sharing Programmes function , also called Ponzi schemes.

In a typical Revenue sharing schemes, users are required to invest in the form of adpacks.

Once you buy a back, you wait for it to mature and then cash out the profits.

For example, you invest 10 $ today. Then you wait for another person to invest 10$.

After a period of time, the owner gives you back your investment along with profits.

The latest investor then waits for the next investor to get the profit, and the cycle gets repeated.

What is the problem with these Revenue schemes?

As long as new investors keep coming there is no problem.

But once a saturation point is reached and not many new investors are coming, the profits start to dwindle. The owners are not able to get any profit and then schemes ultimately fails.

This is the reason why many of the revenue sharing schemes have failed.

They are generally too good to be true. They are not sustainable.

The most famous revenue scheme  in recent memory is the TrafficMonsoon. Which has scammed predictably just like any other Revenue sharing schemes.

On TrafficMonsoon each adpack cost you, 50$ and you get 1000 PTC credits and 55 $ in return. This matures in just 3 months.

TrafficMonsoon became a sensation overnight. But it was doomed .It was not sustainable. Once it reached a saturation point, there was no profit . Charles Scoville the admin of TrafficMonsoon,a well known scammer decided to run away with 16 million $ overnight !

So where was the mistake. I belief each adpack was maturing too fast. In just 3 months you are getting 110% amount of your investment, ie a profit of 10%. That`s not real. No bank or any known business work that way.

The same problem has also been faced by other Revenue sharing programmes. This include :

  • PV traffic
  • HQRevshare company
  • My Paying ads
  • Global Traffic ads.

So how is Optimalbux different from other Revenue sharing schemes ?

1.Trusted admin :

Optimalbux is launched by Dimitrios and his colleagues , who have already proven that they can be trusted with their previous PTC websites- ScarletClicks and GPT Planet.

Remember Charles Scoville was a serial scammer before he launched TrafficMonsoon.

2. Optimalbux has a sustainable model:

Unlike other Revenue Share Schemes, Optimalbux is not a get rich overnight programme. The admin  has carefully designed the returns in a sustainable way.

So what makes Optimalbux sustainable:

-Each adpack gives you a daily return of 0.5% income.So if you buy 10$ adpack, you will ultimately get 12$ @0.5% daily returns .This means you are getting 0.05$ daily for each adpack. So this will take  (0.05 x 200) =12 $ .ie 240 days ie nearly 8 months for maturation of each adpack @ 0.5% daily returns.

This is against the 3 months maturation time with TrafficMonsoon, which is too good to be true.!!

A 20% profit over 8 months is a very reasonable income.Yet it also gives enough time to the admin to recover the cash.

That`s why I believe, Optimalbux is sustainable.

3. Optimalbux is more than a Revenue Sharing Website:

Unlike the previous mentioned websites, Optimalbux is more than just Revenue sharing scheme. It is a PTC website modeled  just like ScarletClicks and GPT planet. Hence the admin is also getting revenue not only form the Ponzi schemes but also from the advertisements and rented referrals scheme on Optimalbux.

4.Limited affiliate income adpacks:

If you carefully study the affiliate income for adpack, it is non-existent for most members.

There is no affiliate income for Standard members as well as for upgraded members – Silver and Gold upgraded members. Only those with Platinum and Diamond members gets affiliate income from adpacks. Even that is a highly limited 2% and 3 % respectively.

Hence I truly believe that Optimalbux is sustainable. It is here to stay.Another masterpiece from Dimitrios and his team.

This might be his best among all his websites.

My personal Experience :

I have registered on OptimalBux after an initial hesitance. The reason I decided to register on OptimalBux is purely trusting the admin , since ScarletClicks and GPT Planet are also started by the same admin.

I am currently a standard member on OptimalBux. I am considering investing mainly on adpacks, so I am in no hurry to upgrade. Once I have earned enough then I will consider investing in Rented referrals and upgrading.

I will share my experience in adpacks and rented referrals so far on OptimalBux.

Adpacks :

Since registering I have bought one adpack costing 10$. i am currently receiving 0.05$ daily. This bonus is added to my account daily automatically. So i dont have to click on extra paid ads to receive this income.However I am required to click four regular paid ads in order to be eligible to receive my daily bonus income/ revenue share from the adpack.

Each pack will take 240 days to mature i will receive daily 0.05$ for 240 days so that i will 12 $ for each 10$ invested. This is a 20% profit margin over 8 months which equivalent to about 30% profit margin per year!! That is an excellent returns on investment, as compared to my SBI (the biggest bank in India)  investment which yields me around 6-9% profit margin per year!!

Rented Referrals:

Since the PTC portion of  OptimalBux is based on a Bux model PTC, there are rented referrals  available. I wanted to see how active these RR activity are. I know that as a standard member i am going to earn only 0.0005$ per click , but just to test and see I rented 5 RR. So far after 10 days of observation, I have found them to be very active averaging 10-12 clicks per day, which is a very good.

The following clip shows my RR activity so far.




In my opinion Optimalbux will become of the most popular and sought after PTC website in the near future. By adding a revenue sharing component to its PTC model, Optimalbux has overcome one of the major hindrance of PTC websites ie the slow return on investment.

Revenue sharing allows you to rapidly grow your account. The more you invest the more you earn.

Hence I recommend Optimalbux to all internet marketers, especially if you want to see your business to grow faster than any other existing PTC website.

This could be the new TrafficMonsoon!!, with a trusted admin.




The only drawback is that I did not see PayPal. Optimalbux has Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money as payment option.






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