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Have you ever thought that you could earn money playing online games on neobux or any other internet website.

There have been a number of Mobile gaming sites that use to pay users for playing online games but most of them paid very little.

Till very recently making money by playing online games was more of a myth than reality. Although it is possible that few could have done so.But that`s one in a million!!

All that has changed now since the introduction of an amazing new platform on neobux that allows its members to earn money playing online games on neobux website !!.

Neobux is basically a PTC (Paid-To-Click) website. It is an advertisement website that pays its members for viewing promotional ads and videos. It is a multi-million dollar internet money making company boasting of an Alexa rank of 455 (June 2017) and membership estimated to be more than 20 million!! (approximate).


                                        Read here : Neobux – The King of PTC website.



The addition of these new platform is gonna make Neobux even more popular especially reaching to the younger population who are good at playing online games.That is not to say that many adults don`t play online games:  infact surveys have shown that many adults spent lots of hours playing online these games for leisure.

But now you can earn money playing online games on neobux, perhaps the same games you been playing before !!.

Can i earn playing online games on neobux from Mobile phone ?

This is a very relevant question.Because Neobux admin does not allow members to click using smartphones. But for playing online

games admin has said it is allowed.

Pic :neobux admin has said that we can play the neobux games on Mobile phone just like other Neobux offers.!!

Neobux does not allow its users to click their advertisements on Mobile phones since the admin is of the opinion that mobile phones uses small screen and hence the advertisements will not be seen clearly by the users.This will result in poor conversion rates for the advertisers.

How much can you earn playing online games on neobux ?

This feature was introduced by neobux only this week. in September 2017.But already some have already played more than 2000 games within 2 days of launching the platform.

So I would say that the earning potential is enormous. It is dependent on how much time you have and your dedication.Most of these games are easy and already popular to most internet users using laptop or computer.


Pic: Highest gamers in Neobux within 2 days of launch.

emevas 2,022
irris 1,863
alleks13 1,848
fabius363 1,828
anne0726 1,82


Hence if you are having some free time you could play regularly and if you can master this games you could be finishing 10-15 games per hour !! earning about 20-30 cents hourly.

The best part is that you can play these games when you are free and relaxing and having a break from work too!!

The current status says that you get paid 0.005$ for every game.

You should play each game for at least 2 minutes.

To earn points you don`t have to necessarily  win the game but you need to  either win the game or if you loose click on continue button after the end of the game.

Pic: Click the extreme right button.


Be careful though that you dont loose too many games.That shows your lack of interest in the games. Neobux terms says that they might block you from playing any games!!



So what games are available on Neobux.

Currently only simple ones are available. These include the most wel known and popular mobile and computer games :

1.Card games :   Spider Solitaire ,  Free Cell solitaire , Bridge, Addiction Solitaire and more.

2.Puzzle games : Sudoku,  Jigsaw, Tumble Tiles and more…

3.Arcade games : Trizzle, 5 Roll, Ice cream Blast.Bubble Boo

4.Strategy Games : Chess, Checkers, Mahjong Candy

5.Word Games : Daily crossword, Word search, Wordswipe.

So you can try a number of the games from the list. Keep playing the ones you are personally interested and good at.!!

These way you can complete more games and win more cash!!

So how is Neobux benefiting or earning from these games !!

The answer is simple- Advertisements.

They get paid for any clicks made on their website and they can even charge for the advertising space.

Remember Neobux has lots of members and therefore showing ads on their pages is a cheap way of reaching out to many users across the globe.

There are 3 important source of income for online game producers like Candy crash, Farmville, Clash Of Clans..Mine craft.

1.Selling the game its a one time payment. eg. Mine craft does this method.

2.Free in apps with various phones ; This is the most popular method.Most of these games come as Free apps along with smartphones. But you have to pay for upgrades to higher level and other extra features to continue playing the game!!

So ultimately these games are not free!!

3.Free to play but with lots of advertisement in between games.

This is to take advantage of the amazing amount of game time  adults are actually occupied.Hence showing ads in between the games is a way to reach to many game users!!

This is an amazing way to reach targeted individuals who are interested on online games!!

So how go about playing these online games on neobux.

Let me give you a step by step guide on how to earn money playing online games on neobux .

Step 1: Register on neobux. If you already have a Neobux account skip this and log in directly to your neobux account.

.Image result for neobux

Step 2 : Log in to your Neobux account. And click on the Games button.

Once you click on the games button you will see Play now  option as shown below.


Step 3: Click on any of your favorite games – Puzzles or card games.

I personally enjoy playing Card games because its very simple and I am already familiar with them.

Step 4: Once you finish the game remember to click on the

Continue button or submit button.

After that you can choose to play the same game again or other games as you wish.

If you click the Play again option then it is counted as a single session that means you will get paid for only one time even if you complete the same game many times.

Tips to earn money playing online games on neobux .

1.Choose games that are simple if you really want to have more game sessions and enhance your earnings.

I choose Spider solitaire because I know its a short game and I am already familiar with it.

2.Remember to complete each sessions separately by clicking on either the Complete button or submit button instead of play again button.

Playing the games again immediately will make it only a single session even if you play multiple times!!

3.Choose Games that you like and enjoy playing.

its ok to play and discover new games.But in order to really enjoy and earn money playing games on neobux, choose the ones you would have played even if you were not receiving cash!!.

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..

Neobux is more than a gaming website.

Neobux is the No.1 PTC (Paid-To-Click) website of the internet. It is primarily an advertisement website where members are paid for viewing advertisements .


                                    Read More : What are PTC websites.



Lets take a look at some few facts about Neobux – one of the leading internet Marketing website!!

Take a look at the following statistics: Currently Neobux boasts of some amazing statistics :

  • an Alexa rank of 545 as of June 2017 .!!! (An alexa rank below 1000 is considered a highly popular and highly visited website).
  • more than 20 million traffic per month
  • 30,000,000 advertisement visualizations daily.
  • About 11,000 new members join Neobux Daily !!!.
  • average of about 100,000 $ payment to members daily !!!
  • Neobux members is unknown since admin has kept that statistics secret. But definitely more than 20,00,000 members.

It is beyond doubt the most popular PTC website ever. The closest PTC website that comes anyway near to Neobux is Clixsense. Unfortunately , starting from 15th July 2017 Clixsense  will no longer be a PTC website. It is stopping the PTC part of its website and functioning as a site for micro-tasking and survey offers. That now leaves Neobux as the undisputed King of PTC.

How do you earn on neobux apart from Playing online games

As I mentioned above Neobux is more than a Online gaming website. There are a number of ways to get paid on NEOBUX including :

1.Clicking on Paid advertisement;

Here users are paid for clicking and watching promotional ads and videos.

The ads comes in different colour.

Remember to click the orange ads first because they have high value (0.01$0 compared to the other pink coloured ads which are valued at 0.001$.

On an average Standard members get four ads worth 0.01$ and 20-30 low value ads worth 0.001$. Upgraded members earn much more .

2.Earn by doing offers.

Neobux gives its users a lots of offers to boost their income.These include both mobile phone offers and survey offers and micro tasks. Micro tasks are called Mini-jobs on Neobux.

Earning by doing simple tasks given as Mini-jobs is an important way to boost your income. In order to do these tasks first register on Crowdflower tasks.

I have explained in detail on how to earn from micro tasks in another article.Kindly follow the link below.



                      Read more : Earn by micro tasking on Neobux and Clixsense.


3.Affiliate income ;

Neobux works on the affiliate model on Internet Marketing. That means you get a small percentage of the earnings made by your downline/referrals  ie those who join the neobux company as your downline.

In fact these is the main mode of earnings for most of neobux users.Those who are earning well on neobux are those who have lots of referrals.

Neobux offers two types of referrals

1.Direct referrals– these are the actual people who join neobux as your downline. Once a person joins your downline you get paid anything from 1-50% for life.time!!

2.Rented referrals: These are referrals whom you can rent them for a certain period for a period of time. Depending on your membership type you can rent a certain number of rented referrals.

In fact having lots of rented referrals and knowing how to manage them is the key to success on neobux.

So generally if you are a new member to neobux your income at the beginning will be very less maybe 0.10$ per day to start.So if you can earn playing online games on neobux you can boost your income considerably.

With patience and some strategy you can eventually start earning 100$-1000$ monthly!!

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..  

How much are neobux members earning.

There a lot of older neobux members on Neobux who are earning more than 1000$ monthly.

Lets take a look at some of these high earning members.

regenn666 is a neobux member form Greece.He currently earns about 2500$ monthly.He does it by having lots and lots of Rented referrals.

Magnex5674  is another member from England who earns roughly about 1000$ monthly from Neobux.He has so far withdrawn $113,550.30 from Neobux.


But remember that your earnings will be slow to start with.Few cents per day to start.But with persistence and some smart strategy anyone can earn well on neobux.

How do I get paid from neobux.

Previously Neobux use to trade with Paypal. But unfortunately Paypal has stopped working with Neobux.

So there are still other means to withdraw your earnings by using any of the following Money transfer agents.



  1. Neteller


I use Payza. It is currently the best Paypal alternative.

Click the link below to register on Payza. It works well with both SBI, HDFC and ICICI Banks.



…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..
How to receive payments from payza.

In order to receive money from Neobux via payza you need to first register in Payza and link your Bank account to payza.

1.Click the above link to register to Payza.

2.Login to your account.Remember to record your login id -your mail id and password in a place you can remember.

3.Before registering you will need the following numbers, which are available with your passbook.

so keep your bank passbook with you.




4.Link  your bank account and Debit Card to Payza.

Open your payza homepage and click on the option-  Wallet

Then go to Add Bank Account.

From the drop down list select your country location.

Indicate whether you want to use for bank transfers of wire (I use Bank transfers-it is easier and faster and more convenient)

provide the following details;

Currency preference

Bank Account type.

Sort /Bank Code- used to identify Banks across the world

IBAN: the International Bank Account Number that uniquely identifies your bank account. The IBAN consist of an alphabetical country code, followed by two check digits and up to thirty one alphanumeric characters.

SWIFT BIC: a code used to identify your financial institution.

Your bank account number: the number associated with your bank account.

Your institution and branch number

6.Under ‘Beneficiary Information’, enter your own personal details associated with the bank account

7.Review your bank account details and confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
8. If you need to change something, click ‘Previous’ to go back. If everything is correct, you can click ‘Add Bank Account’.

If your bank account is located within Canada, Payza will make 2 micro deposits (each deposit will be under $0.15 USD) to your bank account within 6 business days. Once you have confirmed the receipt of the micro-deposits, you will be able to move money between your Payza account and bank account at the click of a button.

If your bank account is located outside of Canada, you will be able to perform bank transfers and wires as soon as you click “Finish”. Once initiated, you will need to contact your bank to complete the transaction.

Once you have added and confirmed your bank account, you’ll also be able to use the ‘Send Funds by bank transfer’ option! This lets you easily send money online  without the need to first create a separate Add Funds transaction to load up your Payza account.

…… Earn money playing online games on neobux ………………..


I hope this article was useful.

I am of the opinion that the addition of online games could rejuvenate the PTC industry which was severely affected by the withdrawal of paypal from most PTC websites.


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