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Do you know that you can earn with smartphone by doing simple tasks online? In fact many youngsters across the globe are earning a reasonably good second income by using their smartphones to good use.

What skills do I need to earn with smartphone ?

You dont need to have lots of skills. You just need basic computing skills like filling up forms, answering basic questions about everyday life events and have the will  to learn!!

Hence anyone having a smartphone and college education can earn a reasonably good second income.

What are the ways one can earn with smartphone ?

Well there are a number of ways. But I just want to mention a few of the most common and trusted methods that many internet marketers are using.

i)Get Paid for viewing promotional ads and videos.

ii)Get paid for doing surveys online

iii)Earn by doing simple tasks (Micro tasking)

iv)Earn by playing Mobile games.

v)Earn with Mobile apps.

Before going to the details about each of the above methods , let me share with you about how much you can earn from these websites that I am working.



How much can I earn ?

Initially not much really to start with.You will be earning only few cents daily -just enough to pay your monthly phone bills, and a few pocket money. But with  persistence and some smart marketing technique you can earn a reasonable good second income. If you are willing to invest your time and make a reasonably good investment you too can earn 1000-2000$ monthly in the long run!!!

Remember to visit the Forum page of these PTC websites  and see for yourself how much others are earning !! You can even interact with them and earn from them- their strategy and current earning status!!

How much am I earning from these websites?

Take a look at my earnings from a few websites am currently working. I am currently working on  a type of internet business  websites called the Paid To Click (PTC) Websites.

Given below is my account details on MYFREESHARES.COM one of my favorite PTC website.

I am currently earning about 1.1 $ daily from Myfreeshares.com.

I have so far earned about 250 $ in MYFREESHARES.COM.



And here is my account statement from another website called CLIXSENSE.

I have so far earned 454.76$ and I have already withdrawn 315.27$ (payouts) so far from Clixsense. My current Balance is 62.82$.

today $0.40 yesterday $0.4120
month $10.0150 last month $10.0501
year $99.8555 last year $217.0744
total $454.7699
Movements payouts $315.27   fundings $0.00

purchases $76.67

Balance $62.8299   Cashout


I am working on another website called Neobux, but for that you need to use your laptop or computer.

My account statement is given in the pic below:

If you are using a computer and you are interested you can read more about Neobux : (For more details about Neobux :  CLICK HERE ).

click here to visit the Neobux website

Image result for neobux


Earn with smartphone...

Lets see in details about each methods I have already mentioned.

I. Get paid for watching promotional ads and videos.

There are lots of advertisement websites today that will pay members for viewing ads on there webpages. These include simply clicking and reading an advertisement or watching some promotional videos.

PTC (Paid To Click) Websites are the most common example of this type of business model. Here on PTC websites, members are paid for clicking and viewing ads. Hence they are primarily advertisement websites.

So in order to earn from these websites you just need to register and click ads daily.




The most popular websites are namely :




Neobux is regarded as the King of PTC , but unfortunately you can only access Neobux using Laptop or computer.



Read More : Neobux the King of PTC.


Pic : The pic below shows a typical ad on a PTC website called Neobux. You have to click on view advertisement page and click on the ads and get paid.


The pic below shows the paid ads from another website called MYFREESHARES.COM.

You can see a  number of ads showing 0.5 cents, 0.25 cents and some 0.1 cents. This is the amount you will be paid for viewing these ads.



So PTC websites are very simple way to earn some few dollars daily. But one has to be active daily on these websites in order to earn everyday.


            Read More : What are  PTC websites


Lets see each of these websites in detail:


This is a unique PTC website. Here you have to buy shares. Everyday a small fraction of your shares (0.15%) gets converted to cash.

Income on Myfreeshares.com comes from 3 source :

1.Passive income : from conversion of shares to cash ( Everyday 0.15% of your total shares gets converted to $).

2.Income from Paid ads : currently i get about 0.20$ from ads since I am golden member.

3.Income from Direct referrals.

Pic : below shows my daily income from shares conversion to cash.I have about 3500 shares in my account at present.

Am currently earning about 0.83$ from my 3500 shares. Remember this is a passive income.Once I have bought the shares, they automatically convert to shares daily!!

The pic shows my daily paid advertisements bearing 0.5 cents  i.e I get 0.5 cents and 0.25 cents.

Read more : for more information about  Myfreeshares.com


Click here to  Register on : MYFREESHARES.COM


2.SCARLET-CLICKS: The new QUEEN of PTC industry.

SCARLET-CLICKS is another trusted PTC website which was launched in 2009. It is now the best PTC website among the recently launched PTC website.

How Much am I earning from Scarlet Clicks.

Since the exit of Clixsense from the PTC industry, Scarlet-Clicks has emerged as the Queen of PTC industry. Scarlet-Clicks have been paying its members regularly since 2009. Many consider it as one of the best PTC as of 2017.

I am a Yearly Silver member on Scarlet-Clicks. I have 65 Rented Referrals and currently earns about 0.45 $ daily.

Below is a pic of my advertisement page of Scarlet clicks. In order to earn a good income on Scarlet-Clicks one has to upgrade because as a standard member, income opportunities are very limited.

Read more : Scarlet-Clicks the Best PTC of 2017.

Earn with smartphone….

II.Get paid for doing survey offers online.

Do you know that you can make a good income by simply sharing your views and opinions ?

Why would anyone pay you for simply sharing your views and opinions!!

In today`s competitive world major companies rely on customer feedback to help them design the products and even get feedback on already available items. From designing clothes to cars, from manufacturing food items to toys – major companies depend on the feedback information so that they can  design products to meet the demands of the general or target population.

It would be a great loss to a company to design a costly car with lots of new gadgets only to realise after launching the car that afterall the general population are not interested in their new gadgets !! So to avoid that they will design a study where they will ask the potential car customers what new gadgets they will like or appreciate !!

They feedback the get from potential customer is a very, very valuable information!! Its worth gold dust!!. So these companies are willing to pay you a small amount of cash for spending your time answering their queries carefully and truthfully.

Hence its a win-win situation. The user gets incentive for expressing his views and the company gets a very useful information!!

There are a number of websites that act as an intermediate between these companies and customers. They collect all the survey offers and make them available to potential customers or users.

Every time a user completes a survey successfully, these websites charge a small service fee for making these surveys available to the customer!!

So which are the websites that has the best survey offers?

Here are a few websites where you can register for free and earn a reasonably good income.



  1. Toluna.com

  2. Samplicious.com

  3. Mysurveys.com


My favorite survey offer website is the CLIXSENSE.



Clixsense gives you access to multiple survey websites. In fact by joining Clixsense, you can access to the survey offers available on other websites like Toluna.com  ans Samplicious.com . Hence Clixsense is a multi-portal website.

By a single account on Clixsense you can access to many offers available on multiple websites!!!

Read more : Clixsense the website with the best survey offers.

Clixsense is more than a Survey website!!

Clixsense has more to offer than just surveys!! its is one of the best website for micro tasking. Along with Neobux , Clixsense offers you an amazing opportunity to earn from micro tasking by registering on a website called Crowdflower tasks.

Learn more about micro tasking in the section below on micro tasking.

Read More :  Earn a second income by doing simple tasks online (Micro tasking)

Earn with smartphone ….

III. Get paid for doing simple tasks online (Micro-tasks)

What are micro tasks ?

These refer to simple tasks such as filling up forms, filling up phone numbers and e mails on a given form, clothing categorization, analysing twitter and Facebook comments etc.

So who is paying you for doing these tasks ?

In the face of rising cost of manual labour, many online / Internet/ technology related  companies have found a new a new work force – the Online Workers.

Online workers refer to ordinary people looking for a second income by working temporarily on the internet through some reliable Micro tasking companies.

These company pay these workers to do the job of a secretary for a few cents or dollars. This is again a win-win situation. The company gets their manual work get done without having the headache of employing a person, and the online worker gets rewarded for his/her time spent on doing simple tasks !!

Where can I get these micro tasks ?

There a number of websites currently available. But I am going to tell you that which I am familiar with:

  1. Crowdflower tasks

2.Amazon mechanical Turks

Crowdflower tasks

Crowdflower tasks is one of the most reliable crowd funding agents currently available in the internet.They act as an intermediate between the job seekers- usually an online worker and the job providers- the internet companies that provides the tasks and also pays the fees.

I am not sure if you can register directly at Crowd flower tasks, but I am working on Crowdflower tasks through two of my favorite PTC websites- neobux and Clixsense. com.

So in order to work on crowdflower first register either on Neobux or Clixsense.

On Neobux, these Micro tasks are called Mini- jobs , while on Clixsense they are called Tasks.

Neobux : Mini-jobs are given under the Offers column.

CLIXSENSE: Micro tasks are called Tasks.


                 Read More : Earn from micro tasking on Crow-flower tasks.



So how much can one earn from micro tasks ?

Well it is totally dependent on how much time you willing to spent doing these tasks. it also depends on the accuracy of your tasks. If you are very accurate with your tasks you will get a higher level and get more opportunities to earn more from these tasks.

The pic below is a snapshot of tasks done by members on Crowdflower tasks  via Clixsense. Some members have done about 156,180 tasks !!. We can only guess how much they have earned since the earning vary from each tasks but I can easily imagine 1000 tasks can easily earn you 500$.

Some members have done about 156,000 tasks. On an average doing 10000 task can easily earn you 500 $. So with the Bonuses available on Clixsense some members could have easily earned more than 5000$ simply from these tasks without including bonuses.


Amazon Mechanical Turks is a marketplace that require a human intelligence.

On amazon, micro tasks are called HIT (Human Intelligence tasks). These tasks include doing simple things like commenting on a picture fro 0.1$, filling up some details in a form for 0.02$ or completing a simple survey for 0.10$.

So the income for each tasks is small, but if you can do these tasks for an hour you can easily earn 10$ per hour with some experience.

To be honest my experience with Amazon Mechanical Turks is limited.

There is a reason why am not really interested in Amazon Turks and HIT. Thereis no affiliate income on Amazon. That is you dont earn anything from your down-line. Hence no passive income. That s the main reason why I am not active on Amazon Turks.

I want to work in a business that allows me to have a Passive Income. I dont mind putting lots of efforts at the start of any business venture, but once I am well established I want passive income!!

But those who have time and are willing to try out, I encourage you to click the link below.Who knows this might work for you.


Remember to register as a WORKER.


Until few days ago, there was no good website where one could earn well by playing online games. In fact when I first wrote this article there was none. I had to comeback and make correction to my blog because now there is actually one website called NEOBUX.

On 11th September 2-017, Neobux officially launched a new platform for its users to earn money- get paid for playing online games!!.WOW. This is a big news. Just imagine getting paid for playing your favorite Card games- like Spider Solitaire, Free Cell Solitaire and lots of other games like Sudoku etc..in fact there are multiple types of games.

But think about it, if you are really good at playing mobile games. You get paid for playing Mobile games for free!!

So how much are you getting Paid for playing online games on neobux?

So Neobux is paying 0.005$ per every game session.As per direction we can earn money either by winning or loosing the match as long as you press the Continue button or next button after finishing the match.


This might not seem a lot, but since most games are easy you can earn nearly 1-2 dollars per hour once you are well versed with the games.

I personally prefer the card games esp. Spider Solitaire .It is a game most of us are familiar with from before.

So how does Neobux earn from these games ?

Advertisement space !!


Yes advertisers pay for showing their ads.These ads are shown before each game or inbetween the games and also in the webpage space.

Given the enormous amount of time adult users spent on playing games, these is a good strategy to advertise to a large audience!!

I believe adding these games could really help Neobux grow as an Online Internet Money making programme.This could reach to the younger population especially!!

How do mobile games producers earn money ?

There are 3 important source of income for game producers like Candy crash, Farmville, Clash Of Clans..Mine craft.

1.Selling the game its a one time payment. eg. Mine craft.

2.Free in apps with various phones ; This is the most popular method.Most of these games come as Free apps along with smartphones. But you have to pay for upgrades to higher level and other extra features to continue playing the game!!

3.Free to play but with lots of advertisement in between games.

This is to take advantage of the amazing amount of game time  adults are actually occupied.Hence showing ads in between the games is a way to reach to many game users!!

So we see that, mobile game owners dont really gain by asking to play their games.Moreover at the moment, there is no really good mobile games where you can put money and earn well. Such games do exist but not so popular at present.Or maybe it is there but I am not aware of since am not much of a mobile gamer myself!!

So in short there is not much to earn from playing mobile games at present.

Having said that here are some few sites that actually pay you for playing games:

1. Clixsense :

Clixsense has lots of mobile offers including mobile apps and mobile games.



I have won only few cents till date, since the level they have kept are not easy to achieve. But if you are good at mobile games try it out!!


Neobux has recently launched mobile games offers in fact till now its going on as a trial version.In a few months they are going to make it official.

Hence this is also another excellent opportunity to enhance your earnings.

3. Swagbucks :

Swagbucks is another amazing site currently popular in the US. Here you can earn SB points which can be later changed to points or mobile offers etc. Unfortunately many of these offers and exchange offers are not available in India. Hence Swagbucks is not for Indian users at present.

4.Mobile games that pay. Here are some mobile games that you can download and get paid to play.

Second life

Entropia Universe

Teamfortress 2 (TF2).

I personally have not played any of them but some users are earning a good income from these games.



There are a number of mobile apps that you can download for free and earn few cash by completing certain tasks or offers with these apps.

Lets take a look at the most popular paying apps.

1.Gymn-Pact :

These apps is for those who are health conscious. This apps rewards you for doing certain fitness tasks .You will have to agree to perform certain tasks as you register and get rewarded for keeping them. if you fail to keep them you will be fined a few cents/dollars.

So with this app you are rewarded for staying healthy and fit!!

This is one mobile app I personally recommend to all users.

2. Gigwalk :

This is a mobile apps that you can download for free. These is a really popular in the United states. In fact this offer is only available in the US.

If you sign up to be a Gig walker , you’ll get the opportunity to do little odd jobs, or “gigs”. These jobs might consist of taking pictures of different businesses, downloading and trying out different apps, and answering consumer research questions.

Gig walk is already featured in the leading news channels and TV programmes like the CNN and  Fox tv and Hunting post .

Besides these there are lots of mobile apps that actually pay you and one can earn .But most of these are not available in INDIA and hence I have no working experience. I hope the scenario will change in the coming few years, since India is such a big market .

If any of my readers are aware of any good apps that pay You are welcome to mention in the comments section.

I hope this article on how  to earn with smartphone was useful. There are many more ways with which one can earn with smartphone .It took a long time for me to complete this one.





I am expecting a lots of new insights and suggestions for this one from my readers. And am happy to be corrected.

Thanks again!!



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