Five reasons why you should register to Paid to click (PTC ) Websites.


Paid To Click (PTC) Websites offer a Unique  form of online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home.Today on this article lets take a look at five good reasons to work on PTC websites as an internet earning opportunity.

PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

So in simple terms, PTC website are advertisement websites where users are paid for viewing ads !!

I have been working on PTC websites since December 2014, earning a good second income. I am currently active in four PTC websites- Neobux, Clixsense, and

I have earned about 450$ on clixsense and nearly 3000$ on neobux and 100$ from that`s my income from 2 and half years working online. So this is only  a second income.i too have my job, as a medical profession which is my main income.

I have recently joined ScarletClicks , so I have not made any significant earnings from this site yet. That`s the drawback of PTC business- income is slow in the beginning. But I am sure with time I will start earning soon!!



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So lets go to my –Five good reasons to work on PTC websites

Number 1: Its FREE to join any PTC websites !!

So does it matter ? So what ?

Yes it does matter. There are so many online business model  currently available on the internet. Online users and Internet Marketers have now realised that each model is unique and requires different sets of skill and strategy !!

Not all kinds of Online business model is suitable for all internet marketers. Hence a free registration and free membership gives you the freedom to try any particular model and see if this one works for you.

All PTC websites are currently FREE to register and investment is totally optional. Off course it does not need any explanation to say that if you have to make a significant income you have to invest some cash ultimately. That`s simple logic.

But yes, all PTC websites are free to register.

Number 2: Ease of working on PTC websites.

This is very important for those who are new to Internet marketing. Newbies are often confounded by lots of new terms and many are tempted to think that these are only for the techno savy individuals.

To work on PTC websites , one need only a basic computer knowledge. You will be required to register on a webpage- requires only name , address and email for registration. The video on the link  below gives you in detail how to register on Neobux-the best PTC at the moment.

Click here : How to register on Neobux.

However in order to withdraw money, you need to have an account in one of the internationally accepted money transfer agent like paypal or payza. This again is a simple step requiring to connect your bank account details to the paypal/payza account.

The video below gives you in simple detail, how to open a paypal account.

Hence I would recommend working on PTC websites especially if you are new to internet marketing. Joining a free business model like PTC gives you the time you need to get familiarized with the world of internet marketing . This gives you a good platform to slowly understand any internet market techniques!!

So if you are a newbie to internet marketing, PTC model is for you- you earn some cash while you also learn a lot about internet marketing!!

Number 3: Passive Income 

The PTC industry is based on the affiliate model of internet marketing .

The key component of affiliate marketing is Referrals. Referrals are those members who join the business under you. Whenever these members earn money you get a fraction of their income- anything ranging from 10-100% depending on the PTC website and your membership level.

Hence if you have lots of referrals working under you, you can get a lot of money. And these affiliate income is purely passive, you dont have to do much to earn from your referrals- usually most PTC websites require that you click few ads  inorder for you to earn from your referrals.

This is the beauty of affiliate marketing !!

So at the start of your PTC journey you have to invest time and resources trying to get lots of referrals. Referrals are the key to your success in any affiliate marketing business model like PTC websites.

Perhaps this is the best reason why you should consider working on PTC websites!!.

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Number 4: Enormous income potential.

This is another one of the very solid reasons to work on PTC websites.

Income on any PTC websites is based on two factors mainly.

i)Number of referrals- since PTC websites are a type of affiliate marketing.

ii)Offers available- Most PTC websites gives lots of offers including mobile offers and survey offers and micro-tasking  options to boost your income. This offers are a good way to boost your income. Some members on clixsense and Neobux  are earning nearly 500$ weekly by just doing micro tasks on these websites.

The above pic shows how much Clixsense members are earning from tasks.Some members have done nearly 156,000 tasks on clixsense- easily this member would have earned more than 5000$ from tasks!!

Lets take a look at how much some members are earning on Neobux, often considered the king of all PTC websites due to its enormous earning potential.








The above snap shows the monthly income of a leading Neobux member- reggen666 from Greece. He earns a whooping 2500$ monthly from Neobux !!

Another member from England, called magnet5674 earns about 50$ daily!! So far eh has withdrawn about $113,550.30 from Neobux!!

It is for this enormous earning potential that Neobux is often considered the King of PTC websites .

Image result for neobux

Five reasons to work on PTC websites………

Number 5: One of the Best platform to start your online journey!!

Having looked at the various reasons to work on PTC websites, I am convinced that the PTC industry is one of the best business models for a newbie to the  internet marketing world. I say that because its free to join any PTC websites and you can learnt a lot by interacting with other members.

The Forum page of any PTC website is a source of enormous knowledge especially for  a newbie. I have been an active member of the Neobux forum and I have learned a lot by interacting with others. Like  what E-toro claim, I too can copy what successful PTC members are already doing!!

So these are my five top reasons to work on PTC websites.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!!


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