How to get Direct Referrals to your website


Direct Referrals form the backbone of income for any Affiliate Marketing Model. So learning how to get  direct referrals to your website or any other affiliate market product is the key to success . In the face of steep competition in today`s internet market , one has to constantly come up with new and appealing ideas  to get internet marketers to join your website or use  your product. This is easier said than done.

So why is it so difficult to get direct referrals ? 

Is there a secret recipe on How to get direct referrals !! 

The answer as to why its so tough to get a direct referral is  very simple – Competition.

There are many competitors for the same website or similar product . Hence hundreds sometimes thousands of internet marketers are targeting the same population to advertise their products / website. So the few marketers who has mastered the art of advertising and reaching targeted population ultimately triumphs.

What is affiliate Marketing ?

Before discussing how to get direct referrals to your website ,lets look at the Affiliate Model of Internet Marketing.

The basic component of a  Affiliate marketing is a that whenever you refer someone to any online product/company  and that person buys the product or joins the company you receive a compensation.This could be a one time compensation or a residual lifelong compensation. The level of compensation could also vary from a single referral level to multiple tier level of compensation.

Type of Affiliate Marketing ?

Based on the above facts , there are nearly 18-20 types of Affiliate Marketing Models. But most of these could be classified into two major types :

1.Pay-Per-Click (PPC) :In this affiliate marketing type, the merchant /company pays his affiliate whenever a visitor is referred to his site, that is whenever someone clicks through the merchant’s banner or text ads. The affiliate gets paid a certain amount even if the visitor he referred does not purchase anything from the merchant’s site.

2.Pay-Per-Perfomance. (PPP) :  In this type of affiliate program, the merchant/company  only pays the affiliate whenever his referral translates into an action—that is whenever the visitor he has referred actually buys something from the merchant’s site or when the visitor becomes a lead. It is a lucrative type of income for the dedicated affiliate, for commissions in PPP affiliate marketing usually comes in the range of 15% to 20% of the actual product sales.

PPP model can be further divided into two categories :

a.Pay Per Sale (PPS) :

This is a one time payment for any sale made through the affiliate link on a given website. The Amazon Affiliate Program is based on this type of Affiliate Marketing.

b.Pay Per Lead (PPL) :

In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliate is paid whenever the visitor he referred to the merchant’s site becomes a lead ie the person actually joins the company.

The Paid-To-Click (PTC ) industry is a type of Affiliate wherein the person who refers any new member to the company becomes his down line or referral.He gets a percentage of income made by his/her referral for lifetime.

In the rest of the article I will be mentioning on how to get direct referrals to any of your favorite PTC website. But these basic principles and methods can be used and replicated in any form of Affiliate Model of Marketing with some modification.

Before we start analysing all the available methods along with the merits and demerits of each methods, lets do a bit of Market analysis about the PTC industry.This analysis will help us to critically analyse all the various methods on how to get direct referrals to your favorite PTC. Hence you are not blindly following my ideas ,but you can critically analyse all the methods am going to describe and for that matter any new marketing ideas about PTC industry in future.

In fact if you can understand the market analysis you can even come up with your own marketing strategy and advertisement.

I have classified this into two steps

  • 1.Understand your product- the PTC industry
  • 2.Who are your potential customers.


1.Understanding your product- the PTC industry ?


Its imperative that you know your product before advertising it to others. Its a basic rule in marketing. The PTC industry has its positive and unique features.But it also has lots of drawbacks, especially highlighted by the high number of dropouts of the new members. Compared to other online marketing options available, PTC industry is considered as a low risk low income strategy. It is free to use and investment is totally optional.But off course in order to make any significant income you need to invest. But then there are some members making 100$ weekly without any investment doing only micro tasks on Clixsense and Neobux.

I have been working with the PTC industry for  nearly 3 years and now have realised that a particular trait is required to succeed in the PTC industry- persistence and patience!!. If you are reading this article , and are a member of a PTC website i can guess that you too have that unique quality. I am sure most people with this quality will ultimately succeed not only in internet marketing but also in life!!- my personal opinion.!!

Anyway before advertising the PTC industry to potential new customers , lets take at the unique features and drawbacks of the PTC industry.


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Positive / Unique features of the PTC industry : 


a.Its free to join. Hence PTC industry is a good site for newbies to internet marketing. You can join here and join the forums of any PTC website and interact with old PTC members. This way a newbie to internet marketing can quickly learn the tricks of the market!!

b.Easy to work with. You get paid to Click advertisements.It is an industry where any one with basic computer knowledge can succeed.

c.Passive income. Once you have lots of referrals your income is mainly a continuous passive income from your down lines /referrals!!

d.Enormous earning potential.There are PTC members earning nearly 1000-2500$ monthly on PTC website like Neobux.


e..One of the best platform to begin your online journey .This is because , its free to join any PTC website. PTC websites have forums which allow you to interact and learn about your PTC website or even various strategies about internet marketing.

Hence an ideal place for newbies to internet marketing to learn and grow for free!!


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Drawbacks of the PTC industry :


a.Minimal income for starters;

This is one of the chief reasons many new users are disappointed and leave the industry. The initial income for starters is just a few cents daily.It takes time before users start earning well.

b.Slow returns :

It takes a long time , usually about 2-3 years before a person starts making a significant income from PTC industry.

c.Fraudulent websites.

The PTC industry is filled with lots of fraudulent websites. So much so PayPal the leading Online Money transfer agent has stopped transaction with most PTC websites citing frauds and trust issues.

d.Daily activity required to continue earning : Members of PTC websites are required to log in daily and do some minimal tasks like clicking a set number of advertisements in order to earn from their referrals. This is true for most PTC websites. Hence this can be annoying for many users.

2.Who are  your potential customers and target them accordingly !!

So who are the potential customers for any PTC industry.

From analysis of the strengths and drawbacks of the PTC industry we get to understand that all PTC websites are free and investment is totally optional.with and are very simple to work.This makes the PTC industry an ideal platform for newbies to internet market to start internet marketing !! Also the slow returns calls for lots of patience and persistence before a person starts earning. Hence this explains the high fall out rate among PTC users.

All things put together, points to the ideal PTC customer as a young individual willing to work daily even with slow returns.Past experience  have shown that most PTC users come from young adults from third world countries. Perhaps the free to work model and the high dollar to local currency conversion in most third world countries   means that even a relatively low income in terms of dollars is ultimately a reasonable good income on conversion to local currency in most third world countries.

Hence if you want to promote your PTC website successfully , promote your websites among the third world countries. Also target the younger age group perhaps between 18-45 years of age.Also those youths looking for jobs make a good potential customers.


Image result for how to get direct referrals

How to get direct referrals to your PTC website ?

Lets take a comprehensive review of the various methods on how to get  direct referrals to any PTC website.I have used most of them but one or two I have not personally used but I will still mention them because these methods were found to be useful by some other PTC users.

Before we look at each methods independently, lets examine what a good  advertising or recruiting methods should have in order to capture potential  customers to any PTC website.

  • Ability to  target specific population : A good advert should allow you to target a specific population.As we have already seen, most PTC users come from third world countries. Hence a good PTC recruiting method should allow you to target these potential group.
  • Relatively cheap : This holds true for any advertising campaign. A cheaper cost allows you to reach more population and hence higher leads per campaign.
  • Highlight competitive advantage : Give reasons why a potential client should join any PTC industry.For this you should mention the uniqueness and strength of the PTC industry.
  • Include testimonials– How much people are earning from this PTC site. How much have you earned yourself.

This advert from neobux gives the amount I have already earned from Neobux.

  • Call for action : Your advertisement should include a call to action like Click here to sign up etc. This makes it easy for potential clients to join any PTC website.             The following pic is an example :

So now lets take a look at the different methods to get direct referrals.

1.Create a blog.                                                          


This is perhaps the best and most cost-effective method in getting direct and active referrals to your PTC website. I said this is the most cost-effective because once you have a good blog about your favorite PTC website, you can start getting lots of organic traffic to your website for free. This might not be the most effective though. But most of the other methods that are useful for getting direct referrals are very expensive.

But what qualities do you need to be able to create a good blog and bring lots of organic traffic- lots of hardwork and some smart marketing strategy to bring in traffic.

1.Good knowledge of the PTC industry : This is needed to write some really solid and original content which is the foundation of any good blog/website. Hence this method is not for someone new to the PTC industry.

2. Good knowledge of SEO

3.Paid webhosting and domain site– e.g Go, blue host are good webs hosting sites. Cheap and user friendly.For my domian I am currently using Word-Press.I have found it very cheap and indeed very effective and user friendly.

4.Good and effective Marketing strategy to bring traffic to your website :It is said that in order to get good traffic to your website you need solid content and a very good marketing strategy. Some internet gurus will tell you that content is worth 25% and advertising is worth 75% in order to make your website visible

Besides once you have a good blog, you can monetize your website via Google ad-sense or other alternatives like .Hence you can earn money and at the same time get referrals!! That is why I said this is the best method.

So lets see the advantages and disadvantages of this method :

Advantages :

  • Cheap and cost effective.
  • Excellent way to get active direct referrals
  • Ability to give ideas and guidance about the PTC industry to your new members through your blog.

Drawbacks :

  • You need to be a master of any art to write a blog.Same goes for PTC websites.Hence not for new users of PTC industry.
  • Needs hardwork and good knowledge of PTC industry and Marketing techniques.

Hence this method is not for everyone. It is for those who have worked in PTC industry for sometimes and have the skill to write a good blog and some marketing skill.

2.Advertise in PTC websites                                     

                    ADVERTISE IN PTC WEBSITES


Advertising your PTC website in other similar PTC website is another very effective way to get you lots of Direct referrals. In fact this might be the most effective method available. Everyday thousands of new users join the PTC industry. Neobux the leading PTC website registers almost 11,000-15,000 new members everyday. So if you can target this new members to your PTC website you can have lots of direct referrals.

The snapshot of Neobux given here shows that in the last 24 hours, 15,696 new members joined Neobux!!.

This is the most effective method of getting lots of direct referrals in my experience.

Advertising in other PTC websites makes lots of sense, since this group is already a target group. You already have members who are interested in working in the PTC industry. But remember that the old members must be already registered in most PTC websites. So your target are the new users only.

But this method is very expensive.

The only method that really works is to advertise as Fixed Advertisements. This advertisement gives you unlimited number of exposure for a fixed period of time say 12 hours or 24 hours or monthly. Hence any new member that registers to this PTC website can see your advertisement too.

From my experience there are only two types of PTC website that you should advertise ;

  • Old PTC websites with very high users everyday- neobux is an example.
  • New PTC websites; Advertising in New PTC websites is also a very good way to get lots of new direct referrals. Unlike Neobux, new PTC websites are also relatively cheaper. I have got lots of referrals to neobux using this method.

So if the PTC website that you are advertising is an old well established site like Neobux, advertise in  preferable  the new PTC websites, since most PTC members will be already familiar with Neobux already. However if the PTC website that you are advertising is a newer one you can advertise it in either other new PTC website or the established ones with high new user registration. Some PTC websites like are old PTC site but they dont have that many new users daily,Hence I don`t recommend such sites to get direct referrals.

Positive :

  • 1.Targeted population- Members of PTC  are already interested in the PTC industry.
  • 2.Target advertising is possible using filters.

Drawbacks ;

  • 1.Expensive : Advertising as Fixed advertisements on any PTC website is usually costly.
  • 2.Not able to interact with your referrals .Hence you are not able to guide them.

3.Classified ads :          

Image result for classified websites

Advertising in Classified ads websites is another exciting option to get lots of Direct referrals to your PTC website or for that matter any other business or product. Most online Classified ads are free.But there are a number of sites that offer both Paid and free services.Paid services offer you a defined number of ads posting for a particular price.

While looking for websites for Classified ads, there are some important consideration.

  • Firstly check whether the website is allowing to paste your url links. Most Classified websites do not allow you to post your url.
  • Secondly is it an indexed Classified ads.Advertising your links in indexed classified ads will not only give you direct referrals but act as important backlinks to your website and help improve your search engine ranking !!
  • Thirdly, the amount of traffic the Classified website is getting. The higher the traffic the higher your ads will be exposed.

Most classified websites are free. But some like Web Traffic Guidance offer only paid services.But their services are excellent.

The video below gives you a short tutorial on how to post your ads in any Classifed ads website.



My initial experience with classified ads websites was very frustrating.So much so I did not visit classified ads for a long time.The main reason for my frustration was that I was not aware that most Classified sites do not allow you to post your website url links. I just to the most popular classified websites locally and and tried posting my ads , only to be rejected again and again. Only later would I realise that these websites do not allow posting our website url links.

I was so frustrated I gave up trying to use classified ads.I had limited success with classified ads but I still use them because  its free. And moreover I too get backlinks to my website.

Advantages :

  • 1.Free. Investment is totally optional.
  • 2.Large population reached because of high traffic in classified ads posting websites.
  • 3. Ability to reach targeted population by posting in the particular specified area ie internet money making business for PTC website ads.


1.Poor quality traffic .Like most free traffic , the traffic is low quality in most classified websites.Using the paid traffic is likely to bring better quality traffic but i honestly have not tried out yet.

The following is a list of Free classified ads websites that allow you to post your url link.





There are more classified  list.But you can try with the above list. Remember to update your ads regularly upon the expiry date.

I am sure you can get lots of direct referrals with these methods as well as lots of targeted traffic to your websites.

4.Use Traffic Exchange Websites.


Image result for traffic exchangewebsites


These methods allows you to get enormous exposure to your website. But don`t expect much in terms of getting leads or sign ups.Traffic exchanges work best if you have something unique or a product to sale.

If you are trying to get lots of direct  referrals to your website, traffic exchange sites are not the best place.

The only Traffic Exchange websites that helped me get lots of Direct referrals was the Traffic Monsoon Website.Unfortunately Traffic Monsoon scammed , and with it my hopes of getting Direct referrals from any Traffic exchange website.

Having said that, the best Traffic exchange website that is still active is

Easyhits has more than 1 million members. So if you advertise your ads here lots of members are going to see your ads.

Some tips to advertising in Easyhits4u.


Do not use the banners and website that other members are already using .Due to overuse of the same ads either banner or website , new members are already saturated and  not many going to sign up if you show them the same ads again and again!!

For this I suggest you join the website called Referral Booster. They will make you custom made Banner ads for you according to your needs and requirements.Their prices are also very reasonable.

Click the pic to sign up on Referral Booster.

Image result for referral booster

You need to register with your website url in order to get your custom made Banners.

This will surely help you to be unique and stay ahead of the market.

2.Upgrade Membership gives you better services.

When you upgrade to Ultimate membership, your ads are going to be displayed first to new users.Hence you get the first opportunity to advertise your website to new users to Besides being an ultimate member you also get lots of free direct referrals.

3.Make use of the Splashpages.

So what are splash pages ?  allows you to make your own custom made webpages on their website.For standard and premium members you are allowed to have only 3 splash pages. The advantages of these splash pages is that unlike the standard webpages , you can advertise your PTC website or your own blog in a new and unique way.

Important guidelines while making splash pages>

  • i) Make your splash page colorful and attractive.
  • ii)Use few words,
  • iii)Include an action button .For example- Click here to join button.

Related image

There are two more methods which I want to mention even though I have not been able to really use them successfully. But some of my friends have used these methods to great effect with minimal expenditure.

1. Adhitz:


Adhitz is an advertising platform where advertisers and publishers work together for mutual benefits.That means you can register on adhitz as either an advertiser or a publisher looking to earn revenue from your website or blog.


Image result for adhitz banners and word ads


As an advertiser adhitz places your ads in various programs affiliated to them. Adhitz is started by the same admin who started Clixsense. Hence it is understood that clixsense support adhitz but Neobux does not allow adhitz ads. Adhitz work as pay per click (PPC)  model where you will be charged only when someone clicks your ad. Currently adhitz works with only banners and text ads. So only those who are interested in your PTC websites will click your ads.Hence these ads have high conversion ratio .

As a publisher, adhitz is one of the Google ad sense alternative. So you can place ads on your website and get paid whenever a person clicks on the ads placed on your website (CPC).

Unfortunately I was shocked and surprised when I tried registering on Adhitz that at the moment they are not allowing members from India to register.This came as a big disappointment. But then I will still recommend it to others who are able to register and use them. I have seen lots of good reviews about Adhitz.

2.Social Media advertising.


Image result for social media icons

This one is one area that holds lots of promise as ad advertising campaign. Just about every adult in all countries have a Facebook account. Hence the target population is really huge. But having said that I have limited success on Social media advertising so far.  I hope this will change.

Maybe I am not using the right tools or I have not yet mastered the technique of Facebook marketing. So far I have few Direct referrals from my Facebook marketing and most of them were not active. So this an area of challenge for me at the moment.

Having said that many PTC users have learnt the art of FB marketing and are getting lots of direct referrals. Therefore I thought its good to mention here.Who knows some of you who are reading this article are already using this method successfully.I am willing to take your help and suggestions .Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Apart from FB there are lots of other avenues like Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumbler and more.. This is an age where social media has connected all of us. We can use this connectivity to advertise ads and reach out to many potential customers.



I hope you found these various methods on how to get direct referrals to your PTC websites useful.

Give your comments and suggestions below.






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