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Leaning how to manage neobux rented referrals is the key to success on Neobux. Neobux is the pro-type Bux Model type PTC website. A Bux model PTC website typically offers you rented referrals as a key part of its make up.

The  features of the Bux model type PTC  include

  • availability to rent referrals.
  • high cost of upgrading membership
  • more high value   ads for upgraded membership,
  • limit on direct referrals and
  • income based mainly on members investment rather than just dependent on  advertisement income.

Neobux,Pro-bux and Scarlet-clicks are all examples of the Bux model type PTC websites.

On the other hand, Real PTC websites like the former Clixsense, depend heavily on income from advertisement. Buxp which has recently decided to shut down because of less income from advertisement is also an example of these Real type PTC website.

The key to success  in Bux model PTC websites like neobux is learning how to manage neobux rented referrals. This is especially important for all Standard or Golden members of Neobux. For Ultimate members they really need not bother recycling their rented referrals because of the excellent feature available for them ie automatic recycling of referrals inactive for  7 days.

In this article I will explain in detail how I am able to get RR average clicks about 0.6-0.68 everyday with minimal expenses. I usually recycle only about 1% of my RR daily, but I am getting pretty good averages for a Golden Member on Neobux!!

Take a look at my Neobux Rented referral page below.


In case you are not yet a member of Neobux you can click here to register.




Before jumping onto how to manage rented referrals on neobux, l am going to do an in-depth analysis of the  Rented referrals on Neobux.

So what are Rented referrals?


Rented referrals are those who joined Neobux without a referral link, and can be hired for a certain period of time .

Since they are hired, you need to pay them for the period you hire them and work for you. During this time you get paid for every click made by them. Remember only clicks of the Orange ads made by the referral are counted.

That means if a rented referral is a standard member he can click a maximum of 4 orange clicks per day, but if the rented referral is a golden member, than he can click 9 orange ads per day. Clicks on extended exposure are also counted, but clicks on the pink ads are not counted.

How much can we earn from a rented referral daily?

This is depends on your membership type. If you are a standard member , you earn only 50% of income per click ie 0.005 $ per rented referral click.But if you are a golden member with or without a golden pack, you ear 0.01$ per referral click.

The picture above shows the income for a rented referral click depending on your membership type.

So how much does it cost to rent referrals?

The cost of rented referrals on neobux is not uniform. It is cheap to begin with, but the cost increases as you rent more and more referrals.

The picture below gives you the cost renting a Rented Referral (RR)

Remember when you are buying a RR , you are buying only for a month. But if you want to extend them for more days, you need to extend their duration of rental days. Again the cost of extending is not the same.If you extend them for long duration you get more discount.

The pic below gives the cost of extending RR with the discount rates.




How much can you rent?


Again this is dependent on the type of membership. For standard members, this limit is 300 RR but for Ultimate members it is 4000 RR, with option to rent more at a much higher cost per RR.


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So why it is difficult to manage Rented Referral`s on Neobux ?


Many new members on Neobux have wasted lots of money renting referrals looking for quick rewards and have been terribly disappointed. It is indeed a risky business to invest in any business without fully assessing the risk and income opportunities. This is also true regarding any online business !! These individuals who have bought lots of RR without learning how to manage Neobux rented referrals are now calling Neobux a big scam !!

So much so that you will get many Neobux reviews calling Neobux a big scam. But is that true. I just think they did not take time to study the most important part of success on any Bux Model PTC website like Neobux – Learning how to manage Neobux rented referrals.

There is some truth in saying  that managing RR on neobux is difficult.

Lets look at some facts about Renting referrals on Neobux:


  • i) Rented Referrals are more costly on Neobux compared to other Bux sites ..

For example, lets compare the cost of Renting Referrals on Scarlet-Clicks another trusted and paying PTC website based on the Bux Model.


And compare this price with Neobux:

The cost of renting referrals is definitely more with Neobux.

  • ii) Poor rented referral activity neobux compared to other websites like Scarlet-clicks.

I have 1000 RR on Neobux earning me 0.15-0.20$ per . Whereas I have 180 RR on scarlet clicks and I earn approximately the same amount because of the high RR activity on scarlet clicks.

From my experience of working on neobux for 3 years I have noticed that Neobux RR  stop clicking once they make around 40-45 clicks.Beyond that even they click its very unprofitable and you are FORCED to recycle the  old RR at a cost of 0.06$ per RR.

Where as on Scarlet clicks, i am noting that they continue to click well almost daily.


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  • iii)RR on Neobux are unpredictable.

Neobux RR are so complicated and so difficult . It is very difficult to predict their future activity. Yahaint a Neobux member has developed a very complex and useful tool called the NRHM -Neobux Referrals Handy manager. I too downloaded and used this software for sometime,but I found it too cumbersome and ultimately not that useful.

Instead I realised that using the Neobux Visualization filter available on the Neobux website was much better and  more useful.


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Whereas on Scarlet-Clicks , the RR activity is very simple to predict.Once a RR has stopped clicking for more than 4 days, it very unlikely that RR will ever click again.Hence on Scarlet-Clicks, you just recycle every RR that has not clicked for more than 4 days!!


But one must not forget the Neobux is a very reliable and trusted PTC website. And also the earning opportunity is much more on neobux than perhaps any other PTC website.

Hence mastering this difficult art of how to manage Neobux rented referrals is an essential skill one must learn in order to succeed on neobux.

.                          …How to manage neobux rented referrals…….


I have personally done a lots of detailed study about different aspects of the Neobux RR. I am thankful to the Neobux visualization filter which is freely available on neobux, for enabling me to obtain  a lot of data about the RR activity on Neobux website.

I have made a number of interesting observation about the Neobux RR .These are my findings:

  • I)Most Neobux rented referrals  become inactive after 45-50 days

I have observed this fact over and over again. After this period they  either stop clicking or click in a very unprofitable manner. Hence you are FORCED to recycle them.

Because of these many neobux members are now thinking id these RR are really human beings or just machine generated  Bots.

Well I am not going to these debate here, but I am just presenting facts.

I have written down my findings in detail on my personal thread that I was writing on Neobux.

Kindly click the link below.

 Click here ->     Rented referral activity analysis based on age of RR on Neobux.

In order to get this data, I did my own PRA (Peak Referral Activity) study. i divided all my 1000 RR based on age into different groups

0-7 days

8-15 days

15-30 days

31-40 days

After studying my RR these way for nearly 60 days i came out with some interesting facts about RR activity.

  • RR are most active when they  are between 0-15 days.After these Most RR activity slowly dips.This explains why Ultimate members with lots of new RR have such high and good RR activity.
  • Most RR become inactive or unprofitable after 40-50 days.This is reflected by very poor activity on my PRA analysis. Hence one must recycle the older referrals preferably when recycling inactive RR.
  • RR averages are not useful in predicting future RR activity. This was a very startling discovery I made after my analysis .Averages tell you the overall clicks made by the RR over the duration of being your Rental period.It does not tell you if the RR is still active or has stopped clicking.

Lets take some examples

i)An RR who you have been working for you  for 40 days .If he was very active in the first 30 days say making 40 clicks and have totally stopped clicking after 32 days ie inactive for past 8 days.

His/her average at the end of 32 days will be 40/32 ie 1.25 clicks per day – wow.But at the end of 40 day it is 1.00 which is still very good. But as I have already said, once an RR is old, the likelihood of clicking is very less. hence these RR with high average may never click again. You will instead benefit by recycling it before loosing another 6 useless days hoping for this referral to click.

ii)An RR who is now 21 days old and have  made only  15 clicks so far. Hence his average after 21 days is 0.71, which is not that great.But since this referral is still young, there is a high chance that he/she will click again , resulting in improved average. Hence recycling this referral due to its relatively lower averages will only result in a loss for you!!

Hence I NEVER decide to recycle by simply looking at the average of RR. Instead I depend more on the age of RR and also its recent activity.

  • II) Rented Referral activity is also determined by nature of Recycling .

By this I meant that the RR activity is determined by the way in which you recycled and got a new RR.


How to manage neobux rented referrals…….

There are two ways to recycle an inactive RR .

i) Automatic Recycling – in these way you will get a new RR once an RR is inactive for a certain period of time. This Inactivity free replacement time varies with your membership. I called the Auto-recycled RR.

  • For standard members – 14 days
  • For Golden members-1st year-14 days
  •                                 -2nd year onward- 13 days
  • Sapphire – 12 days
  • Ultimate Members- 7 days.

ii) Manual recycling : Here you get a new RR after you manually recycled an inactive RR at a cost. The cost of recycling also varies with your membership. I called these RR as manually-recycled RR.

Standard members- 0.07$ per recycle.

Golden members-0.06$ per recycle.

Ultimate member-0.04 $ per recycle.

Neobux Golden Packs features:

Emerald Sapphire Platinum Diamond Ultimate
Rental Queue No 50 ref. No 100 ref. 200 ref.
Referrals per page 150 100 200 100 300
Inactivity Days Free Replacement 14 days 12 days 14 days 10 days 7 days
Vacation Mode No 7 days No 15 days Unlimited
Rental Waiting Days 6 days 7 days 5 days 7 days 4 days
Recycle Discount per Referral $0.01 $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 $0.03
Days Between Cashouts 3 days 4 days 2 days 4 days 1 day
Maximum Referral Package Available 150 100 200 100 300
AutoPay Minimum Days Limit 20 days 18 days 20 days 14 days 10 days
Maximum Limit to Rent Referrals 2000 2500 2000 3000 4000
Maximum Amount of Direct Referrals 300 300 400 400 Unlimited
Monthly Payment Discount (above $0.20) $0.00 $0.01 $0.00 $0.02 $0.03
Guaranteed Available Advertisements 10 10 12 12 15
Your Standard Advertisement Click Value $0.012 $0.012 $0.015 $0.015 $0.020
Enhanced Statistics No No No No Yes
Referrals Activity Distribution Filter Golden Golden Golden Golden Improved



The admin of neobux has mentioned very clearly that there will be a difference in Rental activity between these two types of RR.

Take a look at he picture below :

In short what the admin is trying to convey is that Manually recycled RR will give you better results and more clicks than an Auto-recycled RR which is free of cost !!.

I have again done a detailed study comparing these two types of RR using the visualization filters. I flagged all the manually recycled RR as pink and all the Auto-recycled RR as black for this study.


Pic; Shows the Manually recycled RR flagged with pink flags.

Pic; shows all auto-recycled RR flagged as black flags.

I am not able to show you all the details of my study but I will tell you my findings in brief.

  • Manually-Recycled RR have higher over all clicks compare to the Auto-recycled RR.
  • The activity between the two types is almost same for up to 25-30 days.
  • Auto-recyled RR activity drops significantly after working for about 30-35 days. After this period most of them become inactive.
  • Manually Recycled RR continue to be active for up to 40-45 days, before their activity drops.

Hence I now recycle the auto-recycled RR earlier ie by 35 days if they are becoming inactive. Where as for the Manually Recycled RR I wait for them till they are about 45-50 days before I recycle them if they are becoming inactive.

How to manage neobux rented referrals…….

Determinants of RR activity on Neobux

So after the detailed analysis of Rented Referral activity on Neobux , I have come to some important conclusions as to what determines the RR activity and how we can predict with reasonable accuracy about the behavior of the Rented Referrals.

So here are the most important factors that determine the future RR activity :

1.The age of Rented referral:
By this I mean the duration, the Rented Referral has been working for you.

For knowing the age of your RR there is a very simple software called the Neobuxox .This is actually not a software but just an extension to your browser.Both chrome and Firefox are available.

This software will give you details about the age of every RR and the income/profit or Loss you made from the RR.


In my experience and also in my study this isthe most important determinant of RR activity. The younger the RR the more the clicks , but as the RR gets older their clicks drop sharply.

2.Recent activity :

By this I mean the activity of the RR in the past  7-10 days.

This is also an important determinant of future RR activity. Most RR do not click profitable once their recent activity is poor. They might not get automatically recycled but if their activity is becoming poor like clicking 2 clicks per week, better to recycle it.

3.Type of RR- either Manually recycled or auto-recycled.

Manually recycled RR have better activity and continue to be active for longer period as compared to Auto-recycled RR. Hence it is wise to recycled the Auto-recycled RR more earlier than the Manually recycled RR .

What about averages?

You might have noticed that I don`t evaluate any RR by averages. In fact I do look at averages. But as I have already explained earlier, Averages can be very deceptive.They do not tell you the recent activity of the RR.

Yes if a RR is exceptionally good having very high averages over a long period than you take their average as a  guide.In my experience of working on neobux for the past 3 years I have had 0 number of exceptionally good RR !!!!

How much to recycle ?


I would suggest to recycle everyday.

From past experience and from trials and errors and having experimented with many types of recycling volumes I would recommend to recycle about 1-1.5% of your recycles daily.

If you have 1000 R ,recycle around 10-15 RR, if you have  500 RR recycle only about 5-7 RR daily.

Some have tried excessive or high recycling with high averages.But if you remove your expenditure from your profit , then ultimately your Real average ie Observed average minus daily recycling cost becomes less and hence less profit.


So how do I go about recycling my RR daily?


Currently I have 1000 RR. And I daily recycle about 1% of my RR ie about 10-11 RR are recycled daily.

I use the Neobux visualization filter to identify the two types of RR.

Black flags- Auto-recycled RR

Pink Flags- The Manually recycled RR.

I am currently recycling about 6 Black RR and 4-5 Pink RR everyday.

I first use the filter to identify the Auto-recycled RR  who are more than 35 days and who are not active in the last 6-9 days .And recycle them in the order of age of the RR, older RR are recycled earlier. I don`t look at averages. Averages are deceptive and not useful.

I repeat the same process with the Pink flags ie the manually recycled RR but i select only those who are more than 45 days old.

So what results have I been getting with these methods ?


I have been getting a reasonable good results. My RR averages are anything from 0.59-0.67 for most of the days.

The pic below shows my average today on Oct.6th.


Pic: The pic above shows details of my Neobux rented and direct referrals; including recycle value and rented averages.

The recycle value shows that the recycle value which is the amount I have been spending usually about  0.66 $ ie 11 Rented referrals recycled.

The Rented referral clicks shows that I am getting about 0.60-.68 averages from my Rented referrals.

I am sure the methods I used can be easily understood and replicated by anybody.

I can`t guarantee you success because every Neobux members set of RR differs.

You can even do your own analysis using the principles I have applied.

I hope this article on how to manage neobux rented referrals will be useful to other neobux members.

I don`t mind you freely sharing my article .I hope I can help other Neobux members to succeed.



John kiks




All comments and suggestions are welcome.









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