Scarlet clicks : The PTC with the best Rented Referrals

Are you looking for a PTC website with high Rented referral activity .

Are you looking for a PTC website where Rented Referrals are easy to manage!!!

Welcome to Scarlet clicks. Scarlet clicks is now voted by many PTC users as PTC with the best Rented Referrals.

Scarlet clicks is one of the most  exciting PTC (Paid-To-Click ) Websites which was launched in 2009 by Dimitrios Kornelatos of Greece,  the owner of another popular PTC website- The GPT Planet. Over the past 8 years, Scarlet clicks have proven to be a reliable PTC paying its members on time .The fact that its been around for 8 years and still going strong itself is an indicator of the trustworthiness of the admin of Scarlet clicks.


How to EARN On Scarlet clicks.

Just like any other PTC websites, members on  Scarlet clicks are paid for viewing  advertisements placed  on the websites.

Apart from clicking on paid ads there are other ways to earn on Scarlet clicks including :

i)Income from Direct Referrals.

ii)Rented Referrals

iii) Offers (called Paid To Sign Up -PTSU offers )


For detailed information about  PTC websites click here

Amazing Rented Referrals

The most positive aspect of Scarlet clicks is the amazing Rented Referrals. Scarlet clicks offers the most active Rented Referrals at prices which is much cheaper to other PTC websites. Its been 3 years since I have been working on various PTC websites with varying success. Scarlet clicks offers the best Rented Referrals activity  than any other PTC where I have been working.

Rented referrals activity :

Rented Referrals on Scarlet clicks compare favourably to established Bux sites like Neobux in both cost and Rented Referral activity. The table given below shows the cost of Rented Referrals , and are comparatively cheaper than those of Neobux. They are not only cheaper but definitively more active than the ones in Neobux. I have been an active member of Neobux for the past 3 years and I was first surprised at the activity of my Rented Referrals.  I was sceptical thinking that they will become inactive soon but to my surprise they have remained active, much unlike my Neobux RR.

Table : Cost of Rented Referrals.


Much like Neobux, Scarlet clicks also offers discounts for extending Rented Referrals for up to one year.

30 days- 5%

60 days- 10%

90 days- 15%

150 days- 20%

240 days-25%

365 days- 30%.

So how much to you earn from Rented Referrals.

It depends on your membership. Scarlet clicks offers basically 5 kinds of membership:


For each Rented referral click,

  • 0.004 $ is credited for standard members.
  • 0.008 $ for Silver members and
  • 0.001$ per click for Gold/Gold plus /Diamond members.

From experience most RR usually click anything from 4-6 clicks daily.

Hence if you have 200 RR , monthly income only from RR clicks will be (on an average)  ;

Standard member : (200 x 6 x 0.0004) x 30=14.4 $

Silver members : (200 x 6 x 0.0008 )x 30 = 28.8 $

Gold/ Gold plus/Diamond members- (200 x 6 x 0.001)= 36 $.

Managing Rented Referrals:

Unlike Neobux, Managing Rented Referrals on Scarlet clicks is much easier.This is because most Referrals are active. A general consensus among Scarlet members is to recycle those that are inactive for more than 4 days.

Since managing the Rented referrals on this site is so easy , there is no need to break your head trying to discover which is the best strategy to recycle your rented referrals.  There is no need for any Handy Referrals manager here. The simplicity of managing Rented Referrals is another positive feature of Scarlet clicks.

Positive features of Scarlet clicks :

i)Amazing Rented Referrals 

  • High Rented Referral activity
  • Cheap
  • Easy to manage

ii)Unlimited Direct Referrals– There is also an option for buying Direct referrals in case you don`t want to spend time and money to get them.

iii)100 % Direct referral income–  for all upgraded gold/ gold plus/ Diamond members.

iv)Trusted Admin : Scarlet clicks is one of the few PTC websites which have been paying its members on time. The fact that this website is around for over 8 years also shows that the admin is indeed trustworthy. Dimitrios Kornelatos has already built a good reputation as a reliable admin from his other website- GPT website.


i)Minimal income for Standard members both from paid ads and Rented Referral income.Hence to make any income one has to upgrade to at least a Silver membership. Which is a bit forced investment.But off course once a member gets to know how to work on these he can easily earn well.

ii)No Micro-tasks : at the moment Scarlet clicks do not give you oppurtunity  to bost your incoome by earniongs from micro-tasking like mini-jobs from Neobux or Tasks from Clixsense. All investment for upgrading has to come from your pocket.


Scarlet click strategy :

i) Upgrade to gold membership :To make full use of the  high Rented Referrals activity and 100 % Direct Referral income !!!

If you are skeptical about upgraded membership, you can try upgrading for a month and check it before going for the year upgrade.!!.

Upgrading is important since income for Standard members is minimal. In fact one should not Rent Referrals as a standard member- it will not be profitable at all.

ii) Rented Referrals. : Since Rented referrals are generally active, and managing them is also easy, having lots of Rented referrals is a good way to earn on Scarlet clicks. This is the key to having a high income.

iii)Be active in the Forum : The Forum in any PTC website offers an amazing source of knowledge about the particular website.




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