How to use the Neobux Visualization filter

How to make use of the Neobux visualization filter

Learning to manage Rented Referrals is a  crucial step to success in any Bux Model PTC websites. Its no different with Neobux- the prototype Bux Model PTC website. Learning how to use the Neobux visualization filter forms an important step to managing the rented referrals effectively.

Lets look at the Neobux visualization filter provided on the Neobux website.

The Neobux visualization filter has 7 filters which can help you to filter the rented referrals and identify referrals having a certain common features. This filter is so effective that you can literally pin point any type of rented referrals.This filter is so good and so useful, that i don`t  feel the need for any software like the Neobux handy referrals Manager(NHRM).

Lets analyze the Neobux visualization filter in two steps:

i)Components of the Neobux visualization filter.

ii)How to use the Neobux visualization filter.

I.Components of the Neobux visualization filter.


Filter No.1:Flags

The 8 colored flags let you mark your referrals.



This is extremely useful when dealing with many referrals. This way you can define a color for each type of referral according to your own personal preference.

For example, when you browse your referral’s listing, you’ll find some referrals which, according to your standards, are good, bad or average.
Imagine you find 5 bad referrals on each page of the listing. You can mark them with the Black flag, for example.
Later, you can select to filter the listing only by that red flag by using the Neobux Visualization Filter above the listing and it will only show you the referrals you marked with the black flag.
This way you’ll be able to decide whether to recycle them and focus only on that particular group instead of all referrals.

In order to see the marked/flagged  referrals, simply click the on the visualization filter-> then click the on button next to the flags->Then click the particular flag colour you want -> click save changes.

To change the colors of the flags, you have two options:

Individually: Just click the flag on the referral you want and select a new color.

Group: Mark the checkbox of each referral you want to change the flag color and, at the bottom of the listing, select the option to change the color of the flag for the selected referrals. Then, select the color of the flag you want.

I am currently using 3 flags only. You can use any number of flags as you wish, depending on how you want to classify your rented referrals.

red flags :I am using the red flags to mark those referrals that have not clicked for more than 10 days.In this way i can keep a track on those referrals that escape the 13 day auto-recycle.



Black flag:  I am currently using the black flag to mark those referrals that that were auto-recycled, that means these rented referrals were not recycled by me.These are the referrals that I got because the previous referral was inactive for more than 13 days.


The  Neobux admin has openly declared that these referrals will be less active that those rented referrals that were bought by me or those referrals who were manually recycled my me at a cost (currently i am paying 0.06$ for every referral that i manually recycle), since i am 2nd year Golden member.


Pink flag: Currently I am using the pink flag to mark those rented referrals that were manually recycled by me @0.06$ per recycle.

.I am currently studying and comparing these Manually recycled referrals against those referrals that were auto-recycled for free (Black flags).

I have not yet completed the study but I am already seeing a clear difference in activity of these two groups.

You can also classify and flag  referrals based on other parameters like averages or any other parameter that you think will help you to identify a referral activity.

I personally don`t like marking by averages, its very deceptive.I will discuss in detail in my next article on how to manage rented referrals.I have not completed my personal  analysis of rented referrals yet.

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Filter No.2 :Lock 

The lock, when activated, prevents the referral from being automatically recycled for inactivity.
This is useful, for example, when you have a good referral and don’t want to lose him/her because he/she went on holidays.

I personally use the lock only for one purpose, to lock the Golden rented referrals. If you are a golden member, than you can see the number of clicks your referrals are clicking.Any rented referral that clicks about 8-9 clicks in day is a golden referral , lock them so that they don`t get automatically recycled if they are inactive for more than 13 days.


The above snapshot of my locked referral shows that i have only 3 locked referrals.All are Golden member.One of them clicked 3 times in the last 10 days all were 10 clicks per day.

Even if they don`t click for more than 20 days once in a while, these golden referrals are ultimately beneficial .Hence always lock a golden rented referral.

Filter No.3: Average

Using these flag, you can mark referrals based on their averages. I personally dont use these feature because I have realised that averages can be very deceptive , and they dont reflect the recent activity of a rented referral. I will explain why i say that in my next article on  How to manage rented referrals on Neobux.


The above snapshot of my rented referrals show that I have 222 Referrals out of my 1000 RR, whose averages are between 1.0-2.0 .

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Filter No.4 : Total of clicks

This is another way of assessing how good your referrals are- by the total no of clicks. This is an area i personally have not explored yet. It might yield some interesting results though.


The above snap shows that out of the 1000 RR i have only 82 referrals have more than 40 clicks.This is a fact I was not aware till today. Am sure one might get some useful information by assessing referrals based on total no of clicks !!!!

Filter No.5: Last click 

This filter provides very useful information for me. I have used this information to see how many referrals have been active the previous 24 hours in different categories of referrals.



The above snap shows that in the last 24 hours, 188 out of the 1000 RR were active.

Filter No.6 : Referral since.

This filter can be used to access the age of your rented referrals.I have observed that as the referrals get older, their activity gets less and less ie they get tired !!! lol. So this filter can be used to identify the older referrals.

In order to fully utilize this, I have added an extension software called Neobux ox software. this is freely available.Its actually an extension to your google chrome or Firefox. ( click  to add neobuxox to chrome )

One you add this extension you can actually see the age of each and every rented referral.This is an amazing tool. I currently use only this two software –  Neobux visualization filter along with Neobuxox to assess all my rented referrals. I dont use the Neobux Referrals Handy Manager (NRHM), I DID NOT FIND IT USEFUL!!


The above snap shows that I have 150 RR who are more than 45 days old.I can also see them in descending order and also the exact age of each referral (Thanks to Neobuxox software).

This is a very useful filter because this helps to identify the older RR. I preferentially recycle the older referrals.

Filter No.7: Next payment .

This filter helps you identify the referrals whose payment is approaching.You can also use this filter to identify no of referrals that need payment at particular date so that you can plan your budget accordingly.



This is not a really useful filter because , even without the use of filter you can easily check your the payment status details on the Rented referral page !!

So i hope i have given in detail how to use each filter of the Neobux visualization filter  to mark any particular rented referral.

In the next section I will describe in detail how to use these filters in combination to classify ,mark and evaluate  every rented referral .

II .How to use the different component of the Neobux visualization filter.

Now that I have discussed in detail each component of the filter, lets look at how to pin point any referral activity based on certain parameters.

1.Analysis of referrals activity based on age of rented referrals.

This is an analysis I have been doing recently. Based on the observation that rented referrals become unprofitable after a certain number of age.

Using the two filters I can monitor how my old referrals are behaving:

i)Last click

ii)Referral since.

If I want to see how many of my rented referrals who are more than 45 days were active in the last 24 hours, I will set the two filters accordingly

-last click- set( 0 days- 1 days )

-Referral since : 45 days – 1000 days.


The above snap shows that i have 20 referrals who are more than 45 days and who have clicked in the last 24 hours.

On removing the last 24 hours button, we can see the total number of referrals who are more than 45 days.


So that means out of the total of 133 referrals who were more than 45 days old, only 20 of them were active in the past 24 hours. So if I study this data for more than 30 days I can have a reliable data regarding the activity of referrals who are more than 45 days old.!!!

Similar study of the new referrals age less than 15 days shows that they are more active.



The above filters tell me that out of 323 referrals who were less than 15 days old, 68 of them were active in the last 24 hours ie 21% of them were active as compared to only 15% (20/133) of referrals who were older than 45 days old.

Hence using these filters one can see that the new referrals are usually more active than the older referrals , hence its wise to recycle the older referrals.

2.Analysis of rented referrals depending on whether they were manually recycled by me or automatically recycled

In order to do this type of analysis you need to flag the referrals and observe them daily for more than 40 days or so in order to get a significant data.

As I have already mentioned earlier, I have flagged the referrals who were recycled by me as pink colour and those referrals whom i got by automatic recycle as Black colour.

Pink flags– manually recycled referrals

Black flags– Automatically recycled referrals ie due to inactivity of referrals >13 days.

Lets compare the activities of these two referrals.


The above stats shows that out of 457 referrals who were flagged as pink referrals 91 were active in the last 24 hours (19.9 % active referrals)

Now lets look at the Black referrals (Auto-recycled referrals)



The data generated from the  filters show that out of 521 black flagged referrals only 85 were active in the past 24 hours ie 16.3% active referrals from this group.

One has to study these data for a long time for any meaningful statistics.

The above data can be made more specific by studying the referral activity based on age of rented referrals along with the black/ pink flags.

Now lets see how many of these referrals who were more than 40 days were active in each group.

pink group ; referral activity in the last 24 hours and aged more than 40 days.


Hence we see that using the Neobux visualization filter, 20 out 101 pink referrals aged more than 40 days were active in the last 24 hours (20.1% activity)

What about the black referrals.


so The Black referrals who were more than 40 days were lass active 11 out of 67 ie 16.4% active referral.

Hence yesterday the pink referrals above 40 days were more active than the black referrals of age more than 40 days.

One has to study them for long duration to get a good data.In fact I am currently doing a study comparing these two groups.

Hence by using the Neobux visualization filter one can really mark, follow and study the activity of different type of referrals.


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